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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Final design of the one-span suspension bridge for the Messina strait crossing: some geotechnical issuesLo Presti, D.; Angina, A.; Steri, A.; Ло Прести, Д.; Ангина, А.; Стери, А.
2017Method of reliability assessment of arctic pipelines in the space of loadsOpeyemi, D.; Timashev, S. A.; Bushinskaya, A. V.; Patelli, E.; Beer, M.; Опиеми, Д.; Тимашев, С. А.; Бушинская, А. В.; Пателли, Е.; Бир, М.
2017Monitoring of underground subsurface structures in YekaterinburgGalieva, А. B.; Alekhin, V. N.; Boswell, L. F.; Галиева, А. Б.; Алехин, В. Н.; Босвел, Л. Ф.
2017Magnesium cements derived from technogenic raw materialsLipunov, I. N.; Pervova, I. G.; Nikiforov, A. F.; Липунов, И. Н.; Первова, И. Г.; Никифоров, А. Ф.
2017Formation (genesis) of sinkhole and cra ter-like structure of the earth, as synergistic seismic and ionospheric processesBayda, S. E.; Байда, С. Е.
2017The prospects for nuclear energy of the Republic of Bangladesh in connection with the analysis of seismic hazardHossain, I.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Velkin, V. I.; Хоссейн, И.; Щеклеин, С. Е.; Велькин, В. И.
2017An integrated approach for the implementation of master’s programs in the field of energy efficiency in the framework of the MARUEEB projectAlekhin, V. N.; Bianko, V.; Maltseva, I. N.; Musaio, A.; Алехин, В. Н.; Бьянко, В.; Мальцева, И. Н.; Мусайо, А.
2017Solving equations of water distribution network by the continuation methodNekrasov, A. V.; Некрасов, А. В.
2017The need for teaching of green bim technologies in higher school of 20th centuryZakharova, G.; Krivonogov, A.; Petunin, A.; Захарова, Г.; Кривоногов, А.; Петунин, А.
2017Vehicle survivability calculationEmel’yanov, I. G.; Mironov, V. I.; Kuznetsov, A. V.; Емельянов, И. Г.; Миронов, В. И.; Кузнецов, А. В.