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Title: Византийские флот и пиратство при императоре Михаиле VIII Палеологе (1261-1282)
Other Titles: Byzantine navy and piracy during emperor Michaels VIII Paleologus (1261-1282)
Authors: Колотова, О. Е.
Kolotova, O. E.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Изд-во Урал. ун-та
Citation: Колотова О. Е. Византийские флот и пиратство при императоре Михаиле VIII Палеологе (1261-1282) / О. Е. Колотова // Античная древность и средние века. — Екатеринбург: Изд-во Урал. ун-та, 2011. — Вып. 40: К 50-летию Уральской школы византиноведения. — С. 302-312.
Abstract: After getting Constantinople back the emperor Michael VIII Palaeologus created powerful navy to ensure the defense of the Empire. Development of the navy made the recruitment necessary. The first Byzantine crews were formed with Gasmuli (descendants of cross marriages between the Byzantines and the Latin’s). The Byzantine navy was very successful in battles with Venetians, who suffered from the Greek pirates attacks. The last quarter of the XIII century was the time for the rise of the Greek sea robbery. The main data about Byzantine piracy can be found in The Venetian Claim Commission of 1278. There are detailed reports about pirates attacks in the Aegean Sea in this document. The Venetian Claim Commission of 1278 contains the Greek and non-Greek names of pirates. Perhaps some pirates were of Italian descent. The main pirates centers were Rhodes, Monemvasia, Anaea.
Keywords: ИСТОРИЯ
ISSN: 0320-4472
Origin: Античная древность и средние века. 2011. Вып. 40: К 50-летию Уральской школы византиноведения
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