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Title: К вопросу об оловянной печати епископа Николая из Плиски
Other Titles: More on the lead seal of bishop Nicholas from Pliska
Authors: Тотев, Т.
Totev, T.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Изд-во Урал. ун-та
Citation: Тотев Т. К вопросу об оловянной печати епископа Николая из Плиски / Т. Тотев // Античная древность и средние века. — Екатеринбург: [Изд-во Урал. ун-та], 2009. — Вып. 39: К 60-летию д. и. н., профессора В. П. Степаненко. — С. 183-187.
Abstract: Unearthed more than 20 years ago during archaeological excavations and research of Prince Boris' Large Basilica in the capital centre of Pliska, the seal of Bishop Nicholas raises interesting questions about the first Archbishopric of the Bulgarian church. This discovery stimulated the appearance of a number of publications about it. The author was the first one to write short communications about this important sphragistic monument in two daily newspapers after its discovery. The present article is its first analysis on the pages of a scholarly publication. The lead form has a diameter of 25-26 mm and is 1-1,5 mm thick. On the obverse within a pointed circle is represented St. Nicholas in a bishop's attire with his right hand raised for blessing. With his left hand he holds a Gospels book in front of him. Above the image there is a Greek inscription which begins with a cross: +ΑΓ’ΝΚWΛ’Β’Τ’ΔΟ meaning: +˝Αγ(ιε) Νηχολ(άω) β(οήθει) τ(ῶ) δο(ύλω σού). On the reverse there is also a pointed ring. The inscription follows divided into four lines. Above the first line in the upper part of the pictorial field is placed a four-arm cross with a "foliate" base of the vertical arm. The inscription reads: ΗΚΟΛΑW — Νηχολάω, ΕΠΙCΚΟΠW — έπισϰόπω, ΘΕΟΒΟΥΛ — Θεο(σεβεί) Βουλ-, ΕΙΑC — (γαρ)είας +˝Αγιε Νηχολάω βοήθει τῶ δούλω σού Νηχολάω έπισϰόπω Θεοσεβεί Βουλγαρείας. Since it is impossible to specify a place name Theoboul'ta, I fill in the missing parts in the last fourth and fifth lines and read the inscription as follows: + Saint Nicholas, help thy servant Nicholas, the pious Bishop of Bulgaria. The seal can be dated between 865 and 880 AD.
Keywords: ИСТОРИЯ
Origin: Античная древность и средние века. 2009. Вып. 39: К 60-летию д. и. н., профессора В. П. Степаненко
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