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Международный журнал «Chimica Techno Acta» публикует оригинальные статьи, письма в редакцию, обзоры и мини-обзоры по химии и химической технологии на русском и английском языках. Журнал также публикует рецензии и аннотации на новые книги, краткую информацию о научных конференциях по химии, материалы, посвященные химикам-технологам. C 2014-2020 гг. выходил в печатном и электронном виде (2409-5613 (Print), 2411-1414 (Online)), с 2021 года выходит только в электронном виде (2411-1414 (Online)). Представлен архив 2014-2024 гг.

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Submit DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jul-2024Reviewing Twenty Years of Patents on Ultrasonic-Assisted Pectin Extraction from Food and Food WasteDrannikov, A. A.; Trusova, M. E.; Di Martino, A.
3-Jul-2024Inorganic Nanocarriers Based on Calcium Carbonate and Silica Oxide for Passive Breast Cancer TargetingPostovalova, A. S.; Tishchenko, Yu. A.; Rusakova, V. A.; Karpov, T. E.; Gavrilova, N. V.; Rogova, A.; Gorbunova, I. A.; Timin, A. S.
3-Jul-2024(Mechano)chemical Modification of Polyvinyl Chloride with Azole-Based DrugsAl-Sammarraie, E. S. A.; Al-Ithawi, W. A. K.; Baklykov, A. V.; Platonov, V. A.; Altobee, A. M. K.; Glebov, N. S.; Khasanov, A. F.; Kovalev, I. S.; Nikonov, I. L; Kopchuk, D. S.; Sapozhnikova, I. M.; Sabirova, T. M.; Yanxian Jin; Zyryanov, G. V.; Rusinov, V. L.
3-Jul-2024Dispersive Surface Free Energy of Adsorbents Modified by Supramolecular Structures of Heterocyclic CompoundsGus’kov, V. Yu.; Gainullina, Yu. Yu.; Gabdulmanova, A. F.; Gareeva, A. N.
3-Jul-2024Cationic Amphiphilic Meroterpenoids: Synthesis, Antibacterial, Antifungal and Mutagenic ActivityAkhmedov, A.; Gamirov, R.; Panina, Yu.; Baklagina, A.; Sokolova, E.; Zelenikhin, P.; Babaeva, O.; Babaev, V.; Shurpik, D.; Stoikov, I.
3-Jul-2024Photoelectrochemical Properties of Pt- and Ir-Modified Graphitic Carbon NitrideMarkovskaya, D. V.; Lomakina, V. A.; Kozlova, E. A.
3-Jul-2024Features of Electronic States in the Vicinity of Band Gap and Atomic Structure of Ta- and Nb-Doped Li7La3Zr2O12Vlasov, M. I.; Surzhikov, E. A.; Germov, A. Yu.; Il’ina, E. A.; Weinstein, I. A.
3-Jul-2024Comparison of the HDS DBT Reaction Using Bulk and Supported CatalystsMukhacheva, P. P.; Vatutina, Yu. V.; Nadeina, K. A.; Budukva, S. V.; Panafidin, M. A.; Pakharukova, V. P.; Parfenov, M. V.; Gerasimov, E. Yu.; Klimov, O. V.; Noskov, A. S.
3-Jul-2024CNT Thin Films Based on Epoxy Mixtures: Fabrication, Electrical CharacteristicsYumalin, T.; Salikhov, T.; Mahato, B.; Shiverskii, A.; Abaimov, S.; Salikhov, R.
3-Jul-2024Evaluation of Electrochemical Performance of Antimony Modified Screen-Printed Carbon ElectrodesKifle, A. B.; Malakhova, N.; Ivoilova, A.; Leonova, N.; Saraeva, S.; Kozitsina, A.
2-Jul-2024Effect of Carbon Black from Ageratina Adenophora and Various other Carbon Anode Plate Additives on the Performance of Lead Acid BatteriesRavi, S.; Vignesh, B.; Meimoorthy. N.; Kumar, Bh. Dh.; Sathishkumar, L.; Mohankumar. N.; Kannapiran, N.
2-Jul-2024A review on Agrowaste Based Activated Carbons for Pollutant Removal in Wastewater SystemsOkiy, K. V.; Nwabanne, Jo. T.; Echeng, W. P.
2-Jul-2024Effects of Coagulant Bath Temperature Toward Separation Performance and Antifouling Properties of PVDF/CA Membranes for Filtration of DyesReza, M.; Rahmayani, R. F. I.; Radiman, C. L.
2-Jul-2024Contents. Chimica Techno Acta. 2024. Vol. 11. № 2-
4-Apr-2024Modern Instrumentation and Practical Application of Flame Atomic Emission SpectrometryZauer, Е. А.
4-Apr-2024Effect of Graphite Filler on the Physiochemical Properties of Graphite Reinforced Thermoset Rooflite – Unsaturated Polyester Resin CompositesKarunakaran, M.; Ravi Subban; Thangamani, A.; Chinnaswamy Thangavel Vijayakumar
4-Apr-2024Modification of Bacterial Cellulose Using Silk Fibroin β-sheet Crystals Induced by UltrasonicationCarranza, M. S.; Bascos, N. A. D.; Tan, M. C.; Franco, F. Jr
4-Apr-2024Synthesis and Electrical Properties of Doped Layered Perovskites Based on BaMInO4 (M = Y, Gd)Tarasova, N. A.; Mashkovtsev, M. A.; Domashenkov, M. A.; Khionin, D. V.; Bastrikov, R. M.; Bedarkova, A. O.
3-Apr-2024Interaction of Silica with Polystyrene: Mechanical Properties, Polymer/Filler Adhesion and Failure BehaviorThomas, S. P.
3-Apr-2024Development of A. Solani β-tubulin Models and Comparison of Docking Results for Benzo[d]azoles Derivatives as Potential Antifungal AgentsObydennov, K. L.; Kalinina, T. A.; Glukhareva, T. V.; Bakulev, V. A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 445