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Title: Феномен незавершенного
Authors: Барышникова, Т. Е.
Бреева, Т. Н.
Быков, Л. П.
Васильев, И. Е.
Говорухина, Ю. А.
Гордович, К. Д.
Догнал, Йосеф
Житкова, Л. Н.
Dohnal, Josef
Завгородняя, Н. И.
Исакова, Е. П.
Кубасов, А. В.
Медведев, А. А.
Меньшикова, А. М.
Миронов, А. В.
Михайлова, О. А.
Мухин, М. Ю.
Перцев, А. В.
Подчиненов, А. В.
Пономарева, Е. В.
Пращерук, Н. В.
Раковская, Н. М.
Рогачева, Н. А.
Садриева, А. Н.
Семьян, Т. Ф.
Сидорова, О. Г.
Снигирев, А. В.
Снигирева, Т. А.
Турышева, О. Н.
Фокина, С. А.
Худенко, Е. А.
Черкезова, О. В.
Editors: Снигирева, Т. А.
Подчиненов, А. В.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Издательство Уральского университета
Citation: Феномен незавершенного / [Т. Е. Барышникова, Т. Н. Бреева, Л. П. Быков и др.] ; М-во образования и науки РФ, Урал. федер. ун-т им. первого Президента России Б. Н. Ельцина ; под общ. ред. [и со вступ. ст.] Т. А. Снигиревой и А. В. Подчиненова. — Екатеринбург : Издательство Уральского университета, 2014. — 526 с.
Abstract: The monograph «The phenomenon of the incomplete» analyses the issue of the phenomenon of the incomplete. The work’s structure was influenced by no less than two factors, i. e., the laws of the phenomenon in question and the authors’ personal perception of the scope o f issues in the theory and history of literature that are initiated or even provoked by the proposed theme. The first section of the book outlines and clarifies the lexical and semantic field of the research and proposes philological and philosophical theorising of the phenomenon of ‘the incomplete’; it proves that ‘the incomplete’ may not only be a subject, but also an instrument of research. New potentials of the phenomenon are considered, yet from very different aspects, i. e., viewed in terms of narrative specifics and in terms of receptive possibilities. The literary material selected and construed by the authors of the monograph in the second section shows the multi-functionality of «the incomplete» in the literary process. On the one hand, the incompleteness might be a result of various circumstances and vicissitudes of the author’s life and the destiny of his/her oeuvre. On the other hand, he «incompleteness» may signify the creative destiny and creative behaviour, be a phenomenon, a characteristic and a principle of the modem cultural situation. The third section o f the monograph comprises several clusters of important points. The graphic signifier of the incomplete, i. e. the ellipsis, is considered in terms of the genre and generic differences as a marker of peculiarities in certain literary epochs and potential approaches to the literary process and determination of the characteristics of creative individuality. This section of the book has in its centre the examination of the incompleteness and variation of archetypal plots and the poetics of fragment. The section is ended by two subsections both based on a certain paradoxical intrigue: the first one, on the movement from the whole to the infinite receptive incompleteness and the second, on the history of one ‘rescued’ poem. The section which concludes the book is constructed chronologically, being dedicated to the literature of the 20th and 2 1st centuries. It has two distinct directions of research. The first deals with contemplation of the incomplete as one of artistic parameters of the literature of the past and present centuries. The other concerns the investigation o f the incomplete as a characteristic of writer’s individual creative thinking. The conclusion represents the phenomenon of the incomplete viewed in two aspects of the humanities: philosophical and philological.
Феномен незавершенного рассматривается не только как предмет, но и как инструмент исследования. Анализируется многофункциональность незавершенного в литературном процессе и творческой биографии писателей. Очерчиваются и уточняются различные аспекты исследования незавершенного: литературоведческий, лингвистический, философский.
ISBN: 978-5-7996-1134-7
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