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Title: ВЯТКА, ДЖУЛМАН, ЮГРА и СИБИРЬ в арабском источнике первой половины XIV в.
Authors: Напольских, В. В.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Издательство Уральского университета
Citation: Напольских В. В. ВЯТКА, ДЖУЛМАН, ЮГРА и СИБИРЬ в арабском источнике первой половины XIV в. / В. В. Напольских // Вопросы ономастики. — 2006. — № 3. — С. 65-75.
Abstract: In the encyclopedia of Egyptian al-cUmari (the first half of XIV c.) describing the geography of Golden Horde and, in peculiar, its part – the Volga Bulgaria the toponyms Afatkun, Julman, Seber and Yuhra. Al-cUmari’s information was received in course of close relations between the Mamluk Egypt and Golden Horde from the people who visited the described lands and obtained therefore something new, reflecting the actual contemporary situation. Basing on the reliable publication of al-cUmari’s work by W. Tiesenhausen and using other sources the author discusses the problem of localization and identification of the toponyms. There is a possibility to connect Afatkun with Vyatka (probably it’s the earliest appearance of the name in Eastern sources) and Julman with the Chulym river in Siberia on the one hand and with Novgorod and Lower Kama region – on the other. The form of the name Yuhra by al-cUmari shows its Old Russian origin.
Origin: Вопросы ономастики. 2006. № 3.
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