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Title: Прецедентный антропоним в функции семантического предиката
Authors: Фролова, О. Е.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Издательство Уральского университета
Citation: Фролова О. Е. Прецедентный антропоним в функции семантического предиката / О. Е. Фролова // Вопросы ономастики. — 2006. — № 3. — С. 27-32.
Abstract: The article deals with the use of the so called embodied proper names. They are used in positions of comparison (N is like EMBODIED NAME) and predicate (N cop real (second, new, just) EMBODIED NAME).The main idea of the article is to demonstrate the difference in the usage of embodied proper names. Proper names of real people in a position of a predicate are used with the numeral “second”, as far as the proper names of literary personages they need an adjective “real” in the same position in a sentence. So the origin of a proper name determines its non referential usage.
Origin: Вопросы ономастики. 2006. № 3.
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