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Title: Русские прозвища как объект лексикографии
Other Titles: Russian Nicknames as an Object of Lexicography
Authors: Вальтер, Х.
Мокиенко, В. М.
Valter, H.
Mokiyenko, V. M.
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Издательство Уральского университета
Citation: Вальтер Х. Русские прозвища как объект лексикографии / Х. Вальтер, В. М. Мокиенко // Вопросы ономастики. – 2005. – № 2. – С. 52-69.
Abstract: The article deals with the problem of the description of modern Russian nicknames, which are a special type of words and phraseology, uniting functional-semantic haracteristics of appellatives and proper names. The definition of this circle of lexics as well as its categorical features and classification are discussed. The authors show in detail the parameters forming the basis of the above-mentioned vocabulary of contemporary Russian nicknames: the corpus of the dictionary, grammatical and stylistic characteristics, typology of definitions, etymological explanations. Wide chronological (the language of XIX–XX-th century), dialectal and socialectal frames of the described material are given.
Keywords: ПРОЗВИЩА
Origin: Вопросы ономастики. 2005. № 2.
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