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Title: The Positron and Mechanical Parameters of a Cold-Worked Aluminum Alloy (3004) Using PALT, PADBT and HV
Authors: Mostafa, A.
Mostafa, M. Y. A.
Abdel-Rahman, M.
Abdel-Rahman, M. A.
Badawi, E. A.
Lin, Y. C.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: De Gruyter Open Ltd
Walter de Gruyter GmbH
Citation: The Positron and Mechanical Parameters of a Cold-Worked Aluminum Alloy (3004) Using PALT, PADBT and HV / A. Mostafa, M. Y. A. Mostafa, M. Abdel-Rahman et al. // Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials. — 2021. — Vol. 30. — Iss. 1. — P. 292-303.
Abstract: In the present work, the influence of plastic deformation on the properties of a 3004 Al-alloy was studied with different techniques. Crystallite size, dislocation density, defect density, micro-strain, and stored dislocation energy are presented and compared for different three techniques. Methodology: Many techniques for detecting defects have been developed, such as the positron annihilation lifetime technique (PALT), the positron annihilation Doppler broadening technique (PADBT), and the Vickers hardness test (HV). Implications: The positron mean lifetime value of a non-deformed sample is 173±4.8 ps, which increases until the thickness reduction reaches a 10% deformation then saturated at saturation trapping of the positron in defect states with a mean of 221±5 ps. At an S-parameter of 0.3709±0.0031, a W-parameter of 0.5885±0.0057 was obtained at zero deformation: this decreases until saturation at 10% deformation. Findings: A good correlation between the three techniques is observed for mean crystallite size. A good correlation was also noted between PALT and PADBT from 0 to 10% thickness reduction. HV has good correlations with PALT and PADBT from 0 to 6% thickness reduction: then a clear difference was found from 6 to 15% thickness reduction. Originality: such results confirm the fact that the used technique can effects on the obtained results in some limitations. © 2021 Ahmed Mostafa et al., published by De Gruyter.
Keywords: 3004 AL-ALLOY
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ISSN: 0334-8938
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