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Название: Social values of students in conditions of digitalization of education and COVID-19
Авторы: Rezer, T. M.
Дата публикации: 2021
Издатель: National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University
Библиографическое описание: Rezer T. M. Social values of students in conditions of digitalization of education and COVID-19 / T. M. Rezer. — DOI 10.15507/1991-9468.103.025.202102.226-243 // Integration of Education. — 2021. — Vol. 25. — Iss. 2. — P. 226-243.
Аннотация: Introduction. During the COVID-19 pandemic variety of digital tools and technologies were demonstrated owing to the global digitalization of education and the total transition to online learning. The purpose of present research is to determine factors of digitalization of education and their effect on transformation of social values among high school students in conditions of the COVID-19. The results of research on social values of students were considered using comparative analysis. It was revealed that the paradigm of values among young people changed from an individual-personal one at the beginning of the XXI century to the social oriented paradigm - tolerance, openness, public recognition through social networks, self-development and contribution to the community. Materials and Methods. The analysis of pedagogical experience in the field of digitalization of education allowed to formulate the main factors of global digitalization of education and to highlight positive and negative aspects of online learning. According to M. Rokich's method, an empirical study of instrumental values transformations was carried out among 137 students of Ural Federal University in the conditions of full-time online learning. A questionnaire method was implemented to determine students' attitude to online learning during COVID-19 pandemic and possibility for further development of this form of learning. Results. It was revealed that only 13.7% of respondents did not notice any decrease in the quality of learning and did not experience discomfort in obtaining knowledge in online form. According to the students' opinion the values that are subjected to transformation are the following: efficiency, self-control, responsibility, honesty. It can be concluded that the era of network personality and new scientific knowledge in pedagogy has begun. Online learning is a fait accompli which requires scientific substantiation of a new didactics and social values system development among students in a digital education environment. Discussion and Conclusion. Achieved results contribute to ecological system of new digital services that change life and educational activities of a human, as well as transform his personality and values system. Thus, for the purpose of health and emotional intelligence preservation in students the continuation of interdisciplinary study of various aspects of education digitalization is required. © Rezer T. M., 2021.
Ключевые слова: COVID-19
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10995/102824
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Идентификатор SCOPUS: 85108740384
Идентификатор PURE: 22228928
ISSN: 19919468
DOI: 10.15507/1991-9468.103.025.202102.226-243
Сведения о поддержке: Present work is supported by grant of the Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship of Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin. This research has is funded by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Grant No. АР08856570).
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