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Title: Surface tension and density of Fe-Mn melts
Поверхностное натяжение и плотность расплавов Fe – Mn
Authors: Sinitsin, N. I.
Chikova, O. A.
V'yukhin, V. V.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: National University of Science and Technology MISIS
Citation: Sinitsin N. I. Surface tension and density of Fe-Mn melts / N. I. Sinitsin, O. A. Chikova, V. V. V'yukhin. — DOI 10.17073/0368-0797-2020-1-34-46 // Izvestiya Ferrous Metallurgy. — 2020. — Vol. 63. — Iss. 1. — P. 40-46.
Abstract: The article presents original experimental data on surface tension of the melts Fe100 - xMnx (x = 4... 13 wt. %). Surface tension and density of the melt was measured by the method of sessile drop at heating from the liquidus temperature up to 1780 °C and subsequent cooling of the sample in the atmosphere of high-purity helium. Temperature and concentration dependences of surface tension and density of Fe-Mn melts was constructed. Manganese is a surface-active substance in iron melt. The value of surface tension coefficient of Fe-Mn melts decreases while Mn content increases. Experimental data on the surface tension of Fe-Mn melts is consistent with the theoretical dependences (Pavlova-Popiel equation and the Shishkovsky equation). During the study of microheterogeneity of Fe-Mn melts, correlation between the values of kinematic viscosity, surface tension and density was determined. Dependence of the fluidity of Fe-Mn melts on their density in the cooling mode has a linear character which indicates the implementation of the Bachinsky law. Discrepancy of values of the ratio of melt viscosity to the surface tension coefficient was obtained from experimental data and was calculated by the empirical formula. According to the experimental data on viscosity and surface tension of Fe-Mn melts, the authors have evaluated the entropy change in volume of the melt and change of surface entropy of the melt, respectively. Surface entropy of the melt and entropy in the melt volume decreases in absolute value with increase of Mn content in it. According to the results of the work, it was concluded that there is no destruction of the micro-heterogeneous structure of Fe100 - xMnx melts (x = 4... 13 wt. %) when heated up to 1780 °С. © 2020 National University of Science and Technology MISIS. All rights reserved.
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DOI: 10.17073/0368-0797-2020-1-34-46
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