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Title: Assessment of metals fabricability by pressure
Оценка обрабатываемости металлов давлением
Authors: Orlov, G. A.
Orlov, A. G.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: National University of Science and Technology MISIS
Citation: Orlov G. A. Assessment of metals fabricability by pressure / G. A. Orlov, A. G. Orlov. — DOI 10.17073/0368-0797-2020-6-481-483 // Izvestiya Ferrous Metallurgy. — 2020. — Vol. 63. — Iss. 5. — P. 481-483.
Abstract: A variant of quantitative assessment of metals fabricability by pressure is offered according to the standard tests on mechanical properties. The complex parameter is used, defined as geometrical mean of three parameters characterizing plasticity, hardening and energy intensity of alloys deformation. Relations of scientific and engineering characteristics of deformability assessment for the use of scientific researches results in factory practice are determined, being guided on the standard test methods. Examples of the use of received equations are resulted for a number of steels in processes of metal forming. Testing of the proposed method was carried out according to the known data. Estimation of the complex parameters was made in accordance with Harrington desirability scale. The offered technique can be used for an assessment of fabricability of new steels and alloys. © 2020 National University of Science and Technology MISIS. All rights reserved.
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SCOPUS ID: 85091137543
PURE ID: 13413489
ISSN: 3680797
DOI: 10.17073/0368-0797-2020-6-481-483
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