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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Century-long Dynamics of Meadow Steppes in the Privolzhskaya UplandsNovikova, L. A.; Saksonov, S. V.; Senator, S. A.; Vasjukov, V. M.
2012Deformations and structure of metal during cold butt-seam welding of copper blanksLoginov, Yu. N.; Illarionov, A. G.; Klyueva, S. Yu.; Ivanova, M. A.; Логинов, Ю. Н.; Илларионов, А. Г.; Клюева, С. Ю.; Иванова, М. А.
2019DFT-based calculations of silicon complex structures in KF–KCl–K2SiF6 and KF–KCl–K2SiF6–SiO2 meltsVorob’Ev, A. S.; Isakov, A. V.; Galashev, A. Y.; Zaikov, Y. P.
Sep-2023Effect of Sintering Duration on Structure and Properties of Ni-Al Metal-Intermetallic Composites Produced by SPSOgneva, T. S.; Anisimov, A. G.; Kuzmin, R. I.; Tyurin, A. G.; Emurlaeva, Yu. Yu.; Aleksandrova, N. S.
2013Effect of the method of heat treatment on formation of structure and properties of refractory titanium alloysPopov, A. A.; Narygina, I. V.; Popova, M. A.
2021Exclamatory sentences in the Russian and English languages: structural classificationPeshkova, A. B.; Пешкова, А. Б.
2017Final design of the one-span suspension bridge for the Messina strait crossing: some geotechnical issuesLo Presti, D.; Angina, A.; Steri, A.; Ло Прести, Д.; Ангина, А.; Стери, А.
2012Formation conditions of omega phase in the titanium alloys after quenchingPopov, A. A.; Illarionov, A. G.; Grib, S. V.; Elkina, O. A.
2019High pressure impacts on meteoritesPetrova, E. V.; Grokhovsky, V. I.
2007How do methanol masers manage to appear in the youngest star vicinities and isolated molecular clumps?Sobolev, A. M.; Cragg, D. M.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Gaylard, M. J.; Goedhart, S.; Henkel, C.; Kirsanova, M. S.; Ostrovskii, A. B.; Pankratova, N. V.; Shelemei, O. V.; Van, Der, Walt, D. J.; Vasyunina, T. S.; Voronkov, M. A.
2016Impact of the selenisation temperature on the structural and optical properties of CZTSe absorbersMárquez-Prieto, J.; Yakushev, M. V.; Forbes, I.; Krustok, J.; Edwards, P. R.; Zhivulko, V. D.; Borodavchenko, O. M.; Mudryi, A. V.; Dimitrievska, M.; Izquerdo-Roca, V.; Pearsall, N. M.; Martin, R. W.
2012Influence of temperature on structure and magnetic properties of exchange coupled TbCo/FeNi bilayersSvalov, A. V.; Balymov, K. G.; Fernández, A.; Orue, I.; Larrañaga, A.; Vas'kovskiy, V. O.; Gutiérrez, J.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.
2015The innovative capacity of a territory in behavioral assessments of its populationTatarkin, A.I.; Novikova, K.A.
2017Investigation of Operational Characteristics of Special-purpose Alloy CastingsMysik, R. K.; Pavlinich, S. P.; Kulakov, B. A.; Bakerin, S. V.; Brusnitsyn, S. V.; Sulitsin, A. V.
2019Investigation of Structure and Properties of High-strength Bimetallic Materials Produced By Explosion Welding and Have Been Exploited in Arctic ClimatePutilova, E.; Zadvorkin, S.; Gorkunov, E.; Makarov, A.
2022Investigation of the Degree of Local Structural Similarity between the Parent-liquid and Children-crystal States for a Model Soft Matter SystemLevashov, V. A.; Ryltsev, R. E.; Chtchelkatchev, N. M.
2017Investigation of Viscose Rayon Manufacturing Sludges, Considered as a Raw Material for Zinc ProductionMamyachenkov, S. V.; Anisimova, O. S.; Egorov, V. V.
2022Isostatic Hot Pressed W–Cu Composites with Nanosized Grain Boundaries: Microstructure, Structure and Radiation Shielding Efficiency against Gamma RaysTishkevich, D. I.; Zubar, T. I.; Zhaludkevich, A. L.; Razanau, I. U.; Vershinina, T. N.; Bondaruk, A. A.; Zheleznova, E. K.; Dong, M.; Hanfi, M. Y.; Sayyed, M. I.; Silibin, M. V.; Trukhanov, S. V.; Trukhanov, A. V.
2017The jack-up platform for offshore oil and gas exploration overviewBoswell, L. F.; Alekhin, V. N.; Budarin, A. M.; Босвелл, Л. Ф.; Алехин, В. Н.; Бударин, А. М.
2020Magnetic and microwave properties of SrFe12O19/MCe0.04Fe1.96O4 (M = Cu, Ni, Mn, Co and Zn) hard/soft nanocompositesAlgarou, N. A.; Slimani, Y.; Almessiere, M. A.; Alahmari, F. S.; Vakhitov, M. G.; Klygach, D. S.; Trukhanov, S. V.; Trukhanov, A. V.; Baykal, A.