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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Antioxidant activity in the leaves of Melilotus albus and Trifolium medium from man-made disturbed habitats in the Middle Urals under the influence of copperFazlieva, E. R.; Kiseleva, I. S.; Zhuikova, T. V.
2019Assessment of natural radionuclides and heavy metal concentrations in marine sediments in view of tourism activities in Hurghada city, northern Red Sea, EgyptZakaly, H. M.; Uosif, M. A.; Madkour, H.; Tammam, M.; Issa, S.; Elsaman, R.; El-Taher, A.
2018Bio-environmental measures aimed at reducing the impact of heavy metals soilAskarova, D. A.; Glebov, V. V.
2020Cardiovascular Toxicity in Copper Production Workers Exposed to Heavy MetalsBudkar, L. N.; Gurvich, V. B.; Karpova, E. A.; Kudrina, K. S.; Obukhova, T. Yu.; Solodushkin, S. I.; Shmonina, O. G.; Mordvinova, O. A.; Fedoruk, A. A.; Shteen, T. N.
2021A Closer Look on Nuclear Radiation Shielding Properties of Eu3+ Doped Heavy Metal Oxide Glasses: Impact of Al2O3/PbO SubstitutionAlmisned, G.; Tekin, H. O.; Ene, A.; Issa, S. A. M.; Kilic, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2016Comparative study on bioaccumulation and translocation of metals in Bermuda grass (Cynodon Dactylon) naturally growing on fly ash lagoon and topsoilMaiti, S. K.; Kumar, A.; Ahirwal, J.; Das, R.
2020Effect of biochar on the growth of Ricinus communis grown on copper smelter waste: A pot scale studyTripti; Kumar, A.; Maleva, M.; Borisova, G.; Kiseleva, I.; Rajkumar, M.
2012Effect of heavy metals on photosynthetic apparatus and antioxidant status of ElodeaMaleva, M. G.; Nekrasova, G. F.; Borisova, G. G.; Chukina, N. V.; Ushakova, O. S.
2021Enhancement of Gamma-Ray Shielding Properties in Cobalt-Doped Heavy Metal Borate Glasses: The Role of Lanthanum Oxide ReinforcementAlmisned, G.; Elshami, W.; Issa, S. A. M.; Susoy, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Algethami, M.; Rammah, Y. S.; Ene, A.; Al-Ghamdi, S. A.; Ibraheem, A. A.; Tekin, H. O.
2021Extended Ligand Conjugation and Dinuclearity as a Route to Efficient Platinum-based Near-infrared (NIR) Triplet Emitters and Solution-processed NIR-OLEDsShafikov, M. Z.; Pander, P.; Zaytsev, A. V.; Daniels, R.; Martinscroft, R.; Dias, F. B.; Williams, J. A. G.; Kozhevnikov, V. N.
2019Functionalization of PET track-etched membranes by UV-induced graft (co)polymerization for detection of heavy metal ions in waterZdorovets, M. V.; Korolkov, I. V.; Yeszhanov, A. B.; Gorin, Y. G.
2018Genetic Diversity in Local Taraxacum officinale L. Populations from Habitats Varied in Toxic LoadZhuykova, E. V.; Zinnatova, E. R.; Kiseleva, I. S.
2018Heavy Metal Contamination Assessment in Near Surface Soils: A Case Study from Subarctic Region of RussiaMasih, A.; Sergeev, A. P.
2022Heavy metal oxide (HMO) glasses as an effective member of glass shield family: A comprehensive characterization on gamma ray shielding properties of various structuresTekin, H. O.; Susoy, G.; Issa, S. A. M.; Ene, A.; ALMisned, G.; Rammah, Y. S.; Ali, F. T.; Algethami, M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2016High dose of urea enhances the nickel and copper toxicity in Brazilian elodea (Egeria densa Planch. Casp.)Maleva, M.; Borisova, G.; Chukina, N.; Kumar, A.; Prasad, M. N. V.
2021Influence of heavy metal oxides to the mechanical and radiation shielding properties of borate and silica glass systemZaid, M. H. M.; Sidek, H. A. A.; Matori, K. A.; Abdu, A.; Mahmoud, K. A.; Al-Shammari, M. M.; Lacomme, E.; Imheidat, M. A.; Sayyed, M. I.
2018Leaf Mesophyll Structure and Photosynthetic Activity in Calla palustris L. from Natural Habitats with Different Level of Technogenic PollutionMaleva, M. G.; Sinenko, O. S.; Chukina, N. V.; Shyryaev, G. I.; Borisova, G. G.; Kiseleva, I. S.
2020Methodological Approach to Determination of Priorities in Ecological Estimation of the Russian TerritoriesSpiridonov, I. G.; Levchenko, E. N.; Klyucharev, D. S.
2020Monitoring drinking water quality in the Sverdlovsk Region of RussiaKharina, G. V.; Alyoshina, L. V.; Anakhov, S. V.; Inzhevatova, O. V.
2021Multistate Current-Induced Magnetization Switching in Au/Fe/MgO(001) Epitaxial HeterostructuresGospodarič, P.; Młyńczak, E.; Soldatov, I.; Kákay, A.; Bürgler, D. E.; Plucinski, L.; Schäfer, R.; Fassbender, J.; Schneider, C. M.