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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Binary contributions of Dy3+ ions on the mechanical and radiation resistance properties of oxyfluoroborotellurite Dyx-glassesRammah, Y. S.; Issa, S. A. M.; Tekin, H. O.; Badawi, A.; Ene, A.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2013Boundary conditions for calculating the regenerator and checker brickwork in a glassmaking furnaceDzyuzer, V. Y.
2021Cadmium oxide reinforced 46V2O5–46P2O5–(8−x)B2O3–xCdO semiconducting oxide glasses and resistance behaviors against ionizing gamma raysTekin, H. O.; Issa, S. A. M.; Kilic, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Badawi, A.; Bilal, G.; Sidek, H. A. A.; Matori, K. A.; Zaid, M. H. M.
2022Cerium (IV) Oxide Reinforced Lithium-Borotellurite Glasses: A Characterization Study Through Physical, Optical, Structural and Radiation Shielding PropertiesIlik, E.; Kilic, G.; Issever, U. G.; Issa, S. A. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Tekin, H. O.
2020Characterization of zinc lead-borate glasses doped with Fe3+ ions: optical, dielectric, and ac-conductivity investigationsAbouhaswa, A. S.; Rammah, Y. S.; Turky, G. M.
2021A Closer Look on Nuclear Radiation Shielding Properties of Eu3+ Doped Heavy Metal Oxide Glasses: Impact of Al2O3/PbO SubstitutionAlmisned, G.; Tekin, H. O.; Ene, A.; Issa, S. A. M.; Kilic, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2018Composition and synthesis development of building glass on the basis of non-standard raw materialsAlbaeva, I.; Vlasova, S.; Kapustin, F.
2016Cooling rate dependence of simulated Cu64.5Zr35.5 metallic glass structureRyltsev, R. E.; Klumov, B. A.; Chtchelkatchev, N. M.; Shunyaev, K. Y.
2022A critical evaluation on nuclear safety properties of novel cadmium oxide-rich glass containers for transportation and waste management: Benchmarking with a reinforced concrete containerALMisned, G.; Baykal, D. S.; Kilic, G.; Ilik, E.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Ene, A.; Tekin, H. O.
2020Effect of Li2O–Al2O3–GeO2–P2O5 glass crystallization on stability versus molten lithiumPershina, S. V.; Il'ina, E. A.; Druzhinin, K. V.; Farlenkov, A. S.
2022El efecto del aditivo CuO en las características mecánicas y de protección contra la radiación del sistema de vidrio Li2B4O7 - Pb2O3Mahmoud, K. A.; Sayyed, M. I.; Alhuthali, A. M. S.; Hanfi, M. Y.
2021Electrochemical DNA Sensor Based on Acridine Yellow Adsorbed on Glassy Carbon ElectrodeKulikova, T.; Porfireva, A.; Rogov, A.; Evtugyn, G.
2013Electrofused AZS refractories for high-capacity glass-founding furnacesDzyuzer, V. Ya.
2016Electronic structure and photoluminescence properties of Zn-ion implanted silica glass before and after thermal annealingZatsepin, D. A.; Zatsepin, A. F.; Boukhvalov, D. W.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Pchelkina, Z. V.; Gavrilov, N. V.
2021Enhancement of Gamma-Ray Shielding Properties in Cobalt-Doped Heavy Metal Borate Glasses: The Role of Lanthanum Oxide ReinforcementAlmisned, G.; Elshami, W.; Issa, S. A. M.; Susoy, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Algethami, M.; Rammah, Y. S.; Ene, A.; Al-Ghamdi, S. A.; Ibraheem, A. A.; Tekin, H. O.
2016Experimental and computer aided investigation of cutting process of brittle materials : магистерская диссертацияKharitonov, P. V.; Харитонов, П. В.
2022Fabrication, physical, structure characteristics, neutron and radiation shielding capacity of high-density neodymio-cadmium lead-borate glasses: Nd2O3/CdO/PbO/B2O3/Na2OZakaly, H. M. H.; Tekin, H. O.; Issa, S. A. M.; Henaish, A. M. A.; Ahmed, E. M.; Rammah, Y. S.
2019Formation of conductive oxide scale on 33NK and 47Nd interconnector alloys for solid oxide fuel cellsEremin, V. A.; Solodyankin, A. A.; Belyakov, S. A.; Khodimchuk, A. V.; Farlenkov, A. S.; Krainova, D. A.; Saetova, N. S.; Kuzmin, A. V.; Artamonov, A. S.; Steinberger-Wilckens, R.; Ananyev, M. V.
2021Gamma-Ray Protection Properties of Bismuth-Silicate Glasses Against Some Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes: A Comprehensive StudyAlmisned, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Issa, S. A. M.; Ene, A.; Kilic, G.; Bawazeer, O.; Almatar, A.; Shamsi, D.; Rabaa, E.; Sideig, Z.; Tekin, H. O.
2020Germanate Oxide Impacts on the Optical and Gamma Radiation Shielding Properties of TeO2-ZnO-Li2O Glass SystemKaky, K. M.; Sayyed, M. I.; Ati, A. A.; Mhareb, M. H. A.; Mahmoud, K. A.; Baki, S. O.; Mahdi, M. A.