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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20183,4-Phenylenedioxythiophenes (PheDOTs) functionalized with electron-withdrawing groups and their analogs for organic electronicsKrompiec, M. P.; Baxter, S. N.; Klimareva, E. L.; Yufit, D. S.; Congrave, D. G.; Britten, T. K.; Perepichka, I. F.
2021Ab Initio Calculation of the Electronic Structure of a Solid Solution of Strontium-Bismuth MolybdatSokolenko, E. V.; Buyanova, E. S.; Mikhaylovskaya, Z. A.; Slusarev, G. V.
2020Ab initio calculations of pure and Co+2-doped MgF2 crystalsUsseinov, A. B.; Gryaznov, D.; Popov, A. I.; Kotomin, E. A.; Seitov, D.; Abuova, F.; Nekrasov, K. A.; Akilbekov, A. T.
Jul-2021ABO4 type scheelite phases in (Ca/Sr)MoO4 - BiVO4 - Bi2Mo3O12 systems: synthesis, structure and optical propertiesMikhaylovskaya, Z. A.; Buyanova, E. S.; Petrova, S. A.; Klimova, A. V.
2023Amorphous non-doped and Se-, Cu-, and Zn-doped Sb2S3 nanoparticles prepared by a hot-injection method: bandgap tuning and possible observation of the quantum size effectValidžić, I.; Popović, M.; Potočnik, J.; Graf, C.; Joschko, M.; Kuznetsova, Y. A.; Zatsepin, D. A.
2023Analysis and characterization of opto-electronic properties of iron oxide (Fe2O3) with transition metals (Co, Ni) for the use in the photodetector applicationSaleem, S.; Ashiq, M. N.; Manzoor, S.; Ali, U.; Liaqat, R.; Algahtani, A.; Mujtaba, S.; Tirth, V.; Alsuhaibani, A. M.; Refat, M. S.; Ali, A.; Aslam, M.; Zaman, A.
2018Atomic and electronic structure of graphene oxide/Cu interfaceBoukhvalov, D. W.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Urbańczyk, E.; Dercz, G.; Stolarczyk, A.; Simka, W.; Kukharenko, A. I.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Slesarev, A. I.; Zatsepin, A. F.; Cholakh, S. O.
2018Bandgap opening in hydrogenated germaneneYao, Q.; Zhang, L.; Kabanov, N. S.; Rudenko, A. N.; Arjmand, T.; Rahimpour, Soleimani, H.; Klavsyuk, A. L.; Zandvliet, H. J. W.
2022Cerium (IV) Oxide Reinforced Lithium-Borotellurite Glasses: A Characterization Study Through Physical, Optical, Structural and Radiation Shielding PropertiesIlik, E.; Kilic, G.; Issever, U. G.; Issa, S. A. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Tekin, H. O.
2020Characterization of zinc lead-borate glasses doped with Fe3+ ions: optical, dielectric, and ac-conductivity investigationsAbouhaswa, A. S.; Rammah, Y. S.; Turky, G. M.
2020Colossal variations in the thermopower and n-p conductivity switching in topological tellurides under pressureMorozova, N. V.; Korobeinikov, I. V.; Kurochka, K. V.; Ovsyannikov, S. V.
2023Comparative Characteristics of Bi- and La- Doped (Ca/Sr)MoO4-Based Materials with a Defect Scheelite-Type StructureMikhaylovskaya, Z. A.; Klimova, A. V.; Petrova, S. A.; Pankrushina, E. A.; Buyanova, E. S.
2017Defect concentration in nitrogen-doped graphene grown on Cu substrate: A thickness effectSharma, D. K.; Fateixa, S.; Hortigüela, M. J.; Vidyasagar, R.; Otero-Irurueta, G.; Nogueira, H. I. S.; Singh, M. K.; Kholkin, A.
2017Defect levels and hyperfine constants of hydrogen in beryllium oxide from hybrid-functional calculations and muonium spectroscopyMarinopoulos, A. G.; Vilão, R. C.; Vieira, R. B. L.; Alberto, H. V.; Gil, J. M.; Yakushev, M. V.; Scheuermann, R.; Goko, T.
2019Dinuclear Design of a Pt(II) Complex Affording Highly Efficient Red Emission: Photophysical Properties and Application in Solution-Processible OLEDsShafikov, M. Z.; Daniels, R.; Pander, P.; Dias, F. B.; Williams, J. A. G.; Kozhevnikov, V. N.
2018Dispersion relations and lattice dynamics of diphenylalanine nanotubesZelenovskiy, P. S.
2021Dynamic Polarization of Electron Spins in Indirect Band Gap (In,Al)As/AlAs Quantum Dots in a Weak Magnetic Field: Experiment and TheoryShamirzaev, T. S.; Shumilin, A. V.; Smirnov, D. S.; Rautert, J.; Yakovlev, D. R.; Bayer, M.
2021Effect of Irradiation with Heavy Xe22+ Ions with Energies of 165–230 MeV on Change in Optical Characteristics of ZrO2 CeramicIvanov, I. A.; Alin, M.; Koloberdin, M. V.; Sapar, A.; Kurakhmedov, A. E.; Kozlovskiy, A. L.; Zdorovets, M. V.; Uglov, V. V.
2022Effect of Li and Li-RE Co-Doping on Structure, Stability, Optical and Electrical Properties of Bismuth Magnesium Niobate PyrochloreKoroleva, M. S.; Krasnov, A. G.; Senyshyn, A.; Schökel, A.; Shein, I. R.; Vlasov, M. I.; Piir, I. V.
2022Electron-phonon coupling constant and BCS ratios in LaH10−y doped with magnetic rare-earth elementTalantsev, E. F.