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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Assessment of natural radionuclides and heavy metal concentrations in marine sediments in view of tourism activities in Hurghada city, northern Red Sea, EgyptZakaly, H. M.; Uosif, M. A.; Madkour, H.; Tammam, M.; Issa, S.; Elsaman, R.; El-Taher, A.
2019Comprehensive study of the magnetic phase transitions in Tb3Co combining thermal, magnetic and neutron diffraction measurementsHerrero, A.; Oleaga, A.; Gubkin, A. F.; Frontzek, M. D.; Salazar, A.; Baranov, N. V.
2022Coulomb correlations and magnetic properties of L10 FeCo: A DFT+DMFT studyBelozerov, A. S.; Katanin, A. A.; Anisimov, V. I.
2021Electronic, magnetic and galvanomagnetic properties of Co-based Heusler alloys: Possible states of a half-metallic ferromagnet and spin gapless semiconductorSemiannikova, A. A.; Perevozchikova, Y. A.; Irkhin, V. Y.; Marchenkova, E. B.; Korenistov, P. S.; Marchenkov, V. V.
2019Experimental and numerical analysis of magnetic susceptibility of the tetranuclear heterometallic SMM complexes [Me2 IIFe2 III(L)4(OH)2⋅EtOH)2⋅(Et2O)2], Me = Co, Ni with dicubane structureStarichenko, D.; Shvachko, Y.; Anokhin, A.; Kuznetsov, A.
2023Experimental investigations of electrodeposited Zn-Ni, Zn-Co, and Ni-Cr-Co-based novel coatings on AA7075 substrate to ameliorate the mechanical, abrasion, morphological, and corrosion properties for automotive applicationsSundaramali, G.; Aiyasamy, J. P.; Karthikeyan, S.; Kandavel, T. K.; Arulmurugan, B.; Rajkumar, S.; Sharma, S.; Li, C.; Dwivedi, S. P.; Kumar, A.; Singh, R.; Eldin, S. M.
2021Magnetic and thermal properties of alloys close in composition to the spin gapless semiconductor Mn2CoAlSemiannikova, A. A.; Kourov, N. I.; Korolev, A. V.; Perevozchikova, Y. A.; Marchenkova, E. B.; Korenistov, P. S.; Domozhirova, A. N.; Marchenkov, V. V.
2019Magnetic properties of Co-W thin filmsLepalovskij, V. N.; Gorkovenko, A. N.; Nikulin, K. E.; Moskalev, M. E.; Kulesh, N. A.; Vas'kovskiy, V. O.
2019Magnetic properties of the non-stoichiometric TbCo2Mn x and TbCo2Nix alloysInishev, A. A.; Gerasimov, E. G.; Mushnikov, N. V.; Terentev, P. B.; Gaviko, V. S.
2019Magnetism of amorphous Dy-Tb-Co-type filmsBalymov, K. G.; Kudyukov, E. V.; Vas'kovskiy, V. O.; Adanakova, O. A.; Kulesh, N. A.; Stepanova, E. A.; Rusalina, A. S.
2019Magnetocaloric effect in TbCo-based multilayersSvalov, A.; Makarochkin, I.; Kudyukov, E.; Stepanova, E.; Vas'kovskiy, V.; Larrañaga, A.; Kurlyandskaya, G.
2018Main factors affecting the structure and properties of titanium and cobalt alloys manufactured by the 3D printingKazantseva, N.
2016Mechanisms of the Magnetic Properties Improvement of Amorphous Soft Magnetic Fe- and Co-based Alloys as a Result of the in-air Heat TreatmentSkulkina, N. A.; Ivanov, O. A.; Stepanova, E. A.; Shubina, L. N.; Kuznetsov, P. A.; Mazeeva, A. K.
2021Micromagnetic modelling of stripe domains in thin films with a columnar microstructureDengina, E. Y.; Bolyachkin, A. S.; Kulesh, N. A.; Vas'Kovskiy, V. O.
2019Microstructure and magnetoresistance of Co90Fe10/Cu and Co65Fe26Ni9/Cu multilayersMilyaev, M. A.; Naumova, L. I.; Bannikova, N. S.; Proglyado, V. V.; Patrakov, E. I.; Krinitsina, T. P.; Ustinov, V. V.
2020Nature of the magnetic moment of cobalt in ordered FeCo alloyGerasimov, A.; Nordström, L.; Khmelevskyi, S.; Mazurenko, V. V.; Kvashnin, Y. O.
2022Nature of the magnetic moment of cobalt in ordered FeCo alloyGerasimov, A.; Nordström, L.; Khmelevskyi, S.; Mazurenko, V. V.; Kvashnin, Y. O.
2020Non-crystallising Glass Sealants for SOFC: Effect of Y2O3 AdditionKrainova, D. A.; Saetova, N. S.; Kuzmin, A. V.; Raskovalov, A. A.; Eremin, V. A.; Ananyev, M. V.; Steinberger-Wilckens, R.
2001Nonlinear Magnetoimpedance Effect in FeCoNi Ferromagnetic TubesKurlyandskaya, G. V.; Yakabchuk, H.; Kisker, E.; Bebenin, N. G.; García-Miquel, H.; Vázquez, M.; Vas'kovskiy, V. O.
2020Peculiarities of the electronic and magnetic characteristics in Co2YSi (Y = Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) Heusler alloys close to the half-metallic ferromagnets and spin gapless semiconductorsPerevozchikova, Yu. A.; Semiannikova, A. A.; Korenistov, P. S.; Marchenkov, V. V.