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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analytical characterization of some synthetic cannabinoids, derivatives of indole-3-carboxylic acidShevyrin, V.; Melkozerov, V.; Nevero, A.; Eltsov, O.; Shafran, Y.
2013Benzyne-mediated rearrangement of 3-(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazines into 10-(1H-1,2,3-triazol-1-yl)pyrido[1,2-a]indolesNikonov, I. L.; Kopchuk, D. S.; Kovalev, I. S.; Zyryanov, G. V.; Khasanov, A. F.; Slepukhin, P. A.; Rusinov, V. L.; Chupakhin, O. N.; Зырянов, Г. В.
2022CK2 Inhibition and Antitumor Activity of 4,7-Dihydro-6-nitroazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidinesLyapustin, D. N.; Kotovskaya, S. K.; Butorin, I. I.; Ulomsky, E. N.; Rusinov, V. L.; Babkov, D. A.; Pokhlebin, A. A.; Spasov, A. A.; Melekhin, V. V.; Tokhtueva, M. D.; Shcheglova, A. V.; Makeev, O. G.
2021Design and Antioxidant Properties of Bifunctional 2H-Imidazole-Derived Phenolic Compounds-A New Family of Effective Inhibitors for Oxidative Stress-Associated Destructive ProcessesGerasimova, E. L.; Gazizullina, E. R.; Borisova, M. V.; Igdisanova, D. I.; Nikiforov, E. A.; Moseev, T. D.; Varaksin, M. V.; Chupakhin, O. N.; Charushin, V. N.; Ivanova, A. V.
2013Domino reaction of 3-nitro-2-(trifluoromethyl)-2H-chromenes with 2-(1-phenylalkylidene)malononitriles: Synthesis of functionalized 6-(trifluoromethyl)-6H-dibenzo[b,d]pyrans and a rare case of [1,5] sigmatropic shift of the nitro groupKorotaev, V. Y.; Barkov, A. Y.; Sosnovskikh, V. Y.
2013Efficient synthesis of novel thieno[3,2-b]-, [2,3-c]- and [3,2-c]pyridones by Sonogashira coupling of bromothiophenes with terminal alkynes and subsequent intramolecular C-N bond-forming reactionIaroshenko, V. O.; Ali, S.; Babar, T. M.; Abbasi, M. S. A.; Sosnovskikh, V. Y.; Villinger, A.; Tolmachev, A.; Langer, P.
2014Ferroelectric nanofibers with an embedded optically nonlinear benzothiazole derivativeBaptista, R. M. F.; Isakov, D.; Raposo, M. M. M.; Belsley, M.; Bdikin, I.; Kholkin, A. L.; Costa, S. P. G.; De Matos, Gomes, E.
2013Identification and analytical properties of new synthetic cannabimimetics bearing 2,2,3,3-tetramethylcyclopropanecarbonyl moietyShevyrin, V.; Melkozerov, V.; Nevero, A.; Eltsov, O.; Morzherin, Y.; Shafran, Y.
2013An improved synthesis and some reactions of diethyl 4-oxo-4H-pyran-2,5- dicarboxylateObydennov, D. L.; Röschenthaler, G.-V.; Sosnovskikh, V. Y.
2003Influence of Rare-earth Ion Radii on the Low-spin to Intermediate-spin State Transition in Lanthanide Cobaltite Perovskites: LaCoO3 Versus HoCoO3Nekrasov, I. A.; Streltsov, S. V.; Korotin, M. A.; Anisimov, V. I.
2013Influence of solvent and substituents on the reaction of N-alkylthioacetamides with dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate: Synthesis of functionalized thiophenes containing an exocyclic double bondObydennov, K. L.; Klimareva, E. L.; Kosterina, M. F.; Slepukhin, P. A.; Morzherin, Y. Y.
2015Kinetic dielectric decrement revisited: Phenomenology of finite ion concentrationsSega, M.; Kantorovich, S.; Arnold, A.
2013Long-range 1H-15N J couplings providing a method for direct studies of the structure and azide-tetrazole equilibrium in a series of azido-1,2,4-triazines and azidopyrimidinesShestakova, T. S.; Shenkarev, Z. O.; Deev, S. L.; Chupakhin, O. N.; Khalymbadzha, I. A.; Rusinov, V. L.; Arseniev, A. S.
2013Microwave-assisted palladium-catalyzed C-C coupling versus nucleophilic aromatic substitution of hydrogen (SN H) in 5-bromopyrimidine by action of bithiophene and its analoguesVerbitskiy, E. V.; Cheprakova, E. M.; Zhilina, E. F.; Kodess, M. I.; Ezhikova, M. A.; Pervova, M. G.; Slepukhin, P. A.; Subbotina, J. O.; Schepochkin, A. V.; Rusinov, G. L.; Chupakhin, O. N.; Charushin, V. N.
2020Molecular modeling and computational study of the chiral-dependent structures and properties of the self-assembling diphenylalanine peptide nanotubes, containing water moleculesBystrov, V. S.; Coutinho, J.; Zelenovskiy, P. S.; Nuraeva, A. S.; Kopyl, S.; Filippov, S. V.; Zhulyabina, O. A.; Tverdislov, V. A.
2013New opportunities for the synthesis of quinoxaline-substituted heterocyclic and aryl moietiesAzev, Y. A.; Kodess, M. I.; Ezhikova, M. A.; Gibor, A. M.; Baranov, V. I.; Ermakova, O. S.; Bakulev, V. A.
2019Pyranopyrazoles as efficient antimicrobial agents: Green, one pot and multicomponent approachReddy, G. M.; Garcia, J. R.; Zyryanov, G. V.; Sravya, G.; Reddy, N. B.; Зырянов, Г. В.
2022Quaternary Selenides EuLnCuSe3: Synthesis, Structures, Properties and In Silico StudiesGrigoriev, M. V.; Solovyov, L. A.; Ruseikina, A. V.; Aleksandrovsky, A. S.; Chernyshev, V. A.; Velikanov, D. A.; Garmonov, A. A.; Molokeev, M. S.; Oreshonkov, A. S.; Shestakov, N. P.; Matigorov, A. V.; Volkova, S. S.; Ostapchuk, E. A.; Kertman, A. V.; Schleid, T.; Safin, D. A.
2020Realisation of CdS/Mn3O4nanocomposites for potential Photocatalytic ApplicationsXue, L.; Peters, J. C. P. R.; Dhanabalan, S. C.; Madhaiyan, J.; Manavalan, R. K.; Ponraj, J. S.
2013Recyclization in the series of spiro[indole-3,5′-pyrimido[4,5-b] quinoline]-2,2′,4′-triones prepared by a three-component reaction of isatins with (thio)barbituric acids and electron-rich anilinesIaroshenko, V. O.; Dudkin, S.; Sosnovskikh, V. Y.; Villinger, A.; Langer, P.