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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Computational study of thermal changes during the non-invasive neuro-electrostimulation of the nerve structures in the human neck modelling using finite element methodKublanov, V.; Babich, M.; Dolganov, A.; Kornilov, F.; Sajler, A.
2017Correction of attention in a learning ability task with using non-invasive neurostimulation of peripheral nervous systemKublanov, V.; Petrenko, A.; Nabiullina, A.
2022Development of a Visualisation Approach for Analysing Incipient and Clinically Unrecorded Enamel Fissure Caries Using Laser-Induced Contrast Imaging, MicroRaman Spectroscopy and Biomimetic Composites: A Pilot StudySeredin, P.; Goloshchapov, D.; Kashkarov, V.; Emelyanova, A.; Buylov, N.; Ippolitov, Y.; Prutskij, T.
2018Development of the decision support system in treatment of arterial hypertension application of artificial neural networks for evaluation of heart rate variability signalsDolganov, A.; Kublanov, V.; Belo, D.; Gamboa, H.
2017Diagnostics of the arterial hypertension by means of the discriminant analysis analysis of the heart rate variability signals features combinationsKublanov, V.; Dolganov, A.; Kazakov, Y.
2022Effect of Exo/Endogenous Prophylaxis Dentifrice/Drug and Cariogenic Conditions of Patient on Molecular Property of Dental Biofilm: Synchrotron FTIR Spectroscopic StudySeredin, P.; Goloshchapov, D.; Kashkarov, V.; Nesterov, D.; Ippolitov, Y.; Ippolitov, I.; Vongsvivut, J.
2020Electrochemical method for isolation of chitinous 3D scaffolds from cultivated Aplysina aerophoba marine demosponge and its biomimetic applicationNowacki, K.; Stępniak, I.; Machałowski, T.; Wysokowski, M.; Petrenko, I.; Schimpf, C.; Rafaja, D.; Langer, E.; Richter, A.; Ziętek, J.; Pantović, S.; Voronkina, A.; Kovalchuk, V.; Ivanenko, V.; Khrunyk, Y.; Galli, R.; Joseph, Y.; Gelinsky, M.; Jesionowski, T.; Ehrlich, H.
2022Engineering of biomimetic mineralized layer formed on the surface of natural dental enamelSeredin, P.; Goloshchapov, D.; Emelyanova, A.; Buylov, N.; Kashkarov, V.; Lukin, A.; Ippolitov, Y.; Khmelevskaia, T.; Mahdy, I. A.; Mahdy, M. A.
2018Investigation of the neuro-electrostimulation mechanisms by means of the functional MRI: Case studyKublanov, V.; Aftanas, L.; Petrenko, T.; Danilenko, K.; Maria, R.; Efimtcev, A.; Babich, M.; Dolganov, A.; Sokolov, A.
2022Mechanical Force Acting on Ferrogel in a Non-Uniform Magnetic Field: Measurements and ModelingBlyakhman, F. A.; Safronov, A. P.; Zubarev, A. Y.; Melnikov, G. Y.; Sokolov, S. Y.; Larrañaga, Varga, A.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.
2016Mechanoelectrical Transduction in the Hydrogel-Based Biomimetic SensorsBlyakhman, F. A.; Safronov, A. P.; Zubarev, A. Y.; Shklyar, T. F.; Dinislamova, O. A.; Lopez-Lopez, M. T.
2020Modern scaffolding strategies based on naturally pre-fabricated 3D biomaterials of poriferan originTsurkan, D.; Wysokowski, M.; Petrenko, I.; Voronkina, A.; Khrunyk, Y.; Fursov, A.; Ehrlich, H.
2022The Molecular and Mechanical Characteristics of Biomimetic Composite Dental Materials Composed of Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite and Light-Cured AdhesiveSeredin, P.; Goloshchapov, D.; Kashkarov, V.; Ippolitov, Y.; Vongsvivut, J.
2018On the possibilities of neuro-electrostimulation for increasing learning parametersKublanov, V.; Petrenko, A.
2020On the stability of tubes of discontinuous solutions of bilinear systems with delaySesekin, A. N.; Zhelonkina, N. I.
2017Principles of organization and control of the new implementation of the “SYMPATHOCOR-01” neuro-electrostimulation deviceKublanov, V.; Babich, M.; Dolganov, A.
2017Remote photoplethysmography for the neuro-electrostimulation procedures monitoring the possibilities of remote photoplethysmography application for the analysis of high frequency parameters of heart rate variabilityKublanov, V.; Purtov, K.; Belkov, D.
2017Research of the autonomic regulation in the formation of the brain microwave radiation restoration processes during rehabilitation of the stroke patients study by means of the multifractal analysis of the radiophysical complex MRTHR SignalsKublanov, V.; Borisov, V.; Kazakov, Y.; Azin, A.
2018Study of the neuro-electrostimulation influence on the head skin capillary blood flowKublanov, V.; Babich, M.; Dolganov, A.; Shleymovich, E.; Zhilkin, B.; Plesniaev, E.
2016Summary processing of Radiophysical complex MRTHR signals multifractal analisys of the brain microwave radiation and heart rate variabilityKublanov, V.; Borisov, V.; Dolganov, A.