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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20161/3 magnetization plateau and frustrated ferrimagnetism in a sodium iron phosphiteVasiliev, A. N.; Volkova, O. S.; Zvereva, E. A.; Ovchenkov, E. A.; Munaò, I.; Clark, L.; Lightfoot, P.; Vavilova, E. L.; Kamusella, S.; Klauss, H. -H.; Werner, J.; Koo, C.; Klingeler, R.; Tsirlin, A. A.
2016Analysis of nonlinear conductivity of point contacts on the base of FeSe in the normal and superconducting stateNaidyuk, Yu. G.; Gamayunova, N. V.; Kvitnitskaya, O. E.; Fuchs, G.; Chareev, D. A.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2017Anisotropic Superconducting Gaps and Boson Mode in FeSe 1−x Sx Single CrystalsGiorgio, C. D.; Putilov, A. V.; Trainer, D. J.; Volkova, O. S.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Chareev, D.; Karapetrov, G.; Zasadzinski, J. F.; Iavarone, M.
2020Co(NO3)2 as an Inverted Umbrella-type Chiral Noncoplanar FerrimagnetDanilovich, I. L.; Deeva, E. B.; Bukhteev, K. Y.; Vorobyova, A. A.; Morozov, I. V.; Volkova, O. S.; Zvereva, E. A.; Maximova, O. V.; Solovyev, I. V.; Nikolaev, S. A.; Phuyal, D.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.; Wang, Y. C.; Lin, J. -Y.; Chen, J. M.; Gorbunov, D. I.; Puzniak, K.; Lake, B.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2020Coexistence of Superconductivity and Charge Density Waves in Tantalum Disulfide: Experiment and TheoryKvashnin, Y.; Vangennep, D.; Mito, M.; Medvedev, S. A.; Thiyagarajan, R.; Karis, O.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Eriksson, O.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.
2022Competition between orbital effects, Pauli limiting, and Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov states in 2D transition metal dichalcogenide superconductorsCho, C. -W.; Ng, C. Y.; Wong, C. H.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Chareev, D. A.; Lebed, A. G.; Lortz, R.
2014Determination of the lower critical field Hc1(T) in FeSe single crystals by magnetization measurementsAbdel-Hafiez, M.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Chareev, D. A.; Moshchalkov, V. V.; Silhanek, A. V.
2016Doubling of the critical temperature of FeSe observed in point contactsNaidyuk, Yu. G.; Fuchs, G.; Chareev, D. A.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2018Electronic structure and magnetic properties of the strong-rung spin-1 ladder compound Rb3 Ni2(NO3)7Pchelkina, Z. V.; Mazurenko, V. V.; Volkova, O. S.; Deeva, E. B.; Morozov, I. V.; Shutov, V. V.; Troyanov, S. I.; Werner, J.; Koo, C.; Klingeler, R.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2016Estimation of Intraband and Interband Relative Coupling Constants from Temperature Dependences of the Order Parameter for Two-Gap SuperconductorsKuzmichev, S. A.; Kuzmicheva, T. E.; Tchesnokov, S. N.; Pudalov, V. M.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2015Evolution of the superconducting properties in FeSe1-xSxMoore, S. A.; Curtis, J. L.; Di Giorgio, C.; Lechner, E.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.; Volkova, O. S.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Chareev, D. A.; Karapetrov, G.; Iavarone, M.
2017Gossamer high-temperature bulk superconductivity in FeSeSinchenko, A. A.; Grigoriev, P. D.; Orlov, A. P.; Frolov, A. V.; Shakin, A.; Chareev, D. A.; Volkova, O. S.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2020Growth of Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides by Solvent Evaporation TechniqueChareev, D. A.; Evstigneeva, P.; Phuyal, D.; Man, G. J.; Rensmo, H.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.
2016Highly Anisotropic and Twofold Symmetric Superconducting Gap in Nematically Ordered FeSe0.93 S0.07Xu, H. C.; Niu, X. H.; Xu, D. F.; Jiang, J.; Yao, Q.; Chen, Q. Y.; Song, Q.; Abdel-Hafiez, M.; Chareev, D. A.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Wang, Q. S.; Wo, H. L.; Zhao, J.; Peng, R.; Feng, D. L.
2017Highly mobile carriers in iron-based superconductorsOvchenkov, Y. A.; Chareev, D. A.; Kulbachinskii, V. A.; Kytin, V. G.; Presnov, D. E.; Volkova, O. S.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2016Hybridization and spin-orbit coupling effects in the quasi-one-dimensional spin- 12 magnet Ba3Cu3Sc4O12Badrtdinov, D. I.; Volkova, O. S.; Tsirlin, A. A.; Solovyev, I. V.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Mazurenko, V. V.
2016Impurity scattering effects on the superconducting properties and the tetragonal-to-orthorhombic phase transition in FeSeAbdel-Hafiez, M.; Pu, Y. J.; Brisbois, J.; Peng, R.; Feng, D. L.; Chareev, D. A.; Silhanek, A. V.; Krellner, C.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Chen, X. -J.
2014Interrelation of superconductivity and magnetism in FeSe1-xTex compounds. Pressure effectsPanfilov, A. S.; Pashchenko, V. A.; Grechnev, G. E.; Desnenko, V. A.; Fedorchenko, A. V.; Bludov, A. N.; Gnatchenko, S. L.; Chareev, D. A.; Mitrofanova, E. S.; Vasiliev, A. N.
2012Low-spin S=1/2 ground state of the Cu trimers in the paper-chain compound Ba3Cu3In4O12Gippius, A. A.; Gervits, N. E.; Tkachev, A. V.; Maslova, I. S.; Volkova, O. S.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Buettgen, N.; Kraetschmer, W.; Moskvin, A. S.
2014Lower critical field and SNS-Andreev spectroscopy of 122-arsenides: Evidence of nodeless superconducting gapAbdel-Hafiez, M.; Pereira, P. J.; Kuzmichev, S. A.; Kuzmicheva, T. E.; Pudalov, V. M.; Harnagea, L.; Kordyuk, A. A.; Silhanek, A. V.; Moshchalkov, V. V.; Shen, B.; Wen, H. -H.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Chen, X. -J.