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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018As-grown domain structure in lithium tantalate with inhomogeneous distribution of stoichiometry deviationPryakhina, V. I.; Greshnyakov, E. D.; Lisjikh, B. I.; Nebogatikov, M. S.; Zelenovskiy, P. S.; Shur, V. Ya.
2020Barkhausen pulses caused by domain merging in congruent lithium niobateAkhmatkhanov, A. R.; Kipenko, I. A.; Esin, A. A.; Shur, V. Ya.
2021Cardioinotropic effects in subchronic intoxication of rats with lead and/or cadmium oxide nanoparticlesKlinova, S. V.; Katsnelson, B. A.; Minigalieva, I. A.; Gerzen, O. P.; Balakin, A. A.; Lisin, R. V.; Butova, K. A.; Nabiev, S. R.; Lookin, O. N.; Katsnelson, L. B.; Privalova, L. I.; Kuznetsov, D. A.; Shur, V. Ya.; Shishkina, E. V.; Makeev, O. H.; Valamina, I. E.; Panov, V. G.; Sutunkova, M. P.; Nikitina, L. V.; Protsenko, Y. L.
2019Charged domain walls in lithium tantalate with compositional gradients produced by VTE processGreshnyakov, E. D.; Lisjikh, B. I.; Pryakhina, V. I.; Nebogatikov, M. S.; Shur, V. Ya.
2017Chemically stable diphenylalanine peptide microtubes: structure, properties, application.Nuraeva, A.; Kopyl, S.; Vasilev, S.; Zelenovskiy, P.; Yuzhakov, V. V.; Tofail, S.; Shur, V. Ya.; Kholkin, A. L.
2019Confocal Raman study of electric fields in lithium niobate single crystalsZelenovskiy, P.; Alikin, D.; Shur, V. Ya.
2018Control of charged domain wall parameters in lithium niobate single crystals using various liquid and solid electrodesEsin, A. A.; Akhmatkhanov, A. R.; Shur, V. Ya.
2019Correlation of wall velocity and tip curvature radius of dendrite domain in lithium niobateSaveliev, E. D.; Akhmatkhanov, A. R.; Chezganov, D. S.; Chuvakova, M. A.; Matveeva, E. D.; Lobov, A. I.; Shur, V. Ya.
2019Crystal structure and growth kinetics of self-assembled microtubes with different chiralityNuraeva, A. S.; Zelenovskiy, P. S.; Kopyl, S.; Arkhipov, S. G.; Vasilev, S. G.; Bystrov, V. S.; Gruzdev, D. A.; Waliczek, M.; Svitlyk, V.; Shur, V. Ya.; Mafra, L.; Kholkin, A. L.
2019Dendrite microstructure of barium strontium titanate based glass-ceramicsTurygin, A. P.; Abramov, A. S.; Alikin, D. O.; Chezganov, D. S.; Baturin, I. S.; Song, X.; Zhang, T.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, K.; Zhao, Z.; Shur, V. Ya.
2016Dielectric Permittivity Enhancement by Charged Domain Walls Formation in Stoichiometric Lithium NiobateEsin, A. A.; Akhmatkhanov, A. R.; Shur, V. Ya.
2016Dielectric Permittivity Enhancement by Charged Domain Walls Formation in Stoichiometric Lithium NiobateEsin, A. A.; Akhmatkhanov, A. R.; Shur, V. Ya.
2019Dielectric permittivity enhancement by formation of charged domain walls in stoichiometric lithium niobateEsin, A. A.; Akhmatkhanov, A. R.; Shur, V. Ya.
2017Dielectric relaxation and charged domain walls in (K,Na)NbO3-based ferroelectric ceramicsAlikin, D. O.; Esin, A. A.; Turygin, A. P.; Abramov, A. S.; Hrescak, J.; Walker, J.; Rojac, T.; Bencan, A.; Malic, B.; Kholkin, A. L.; Shur, V. Ya.
2019Diffraction methods of investigation of the periodical domain structures with inclined domain walls in lithium niobateSavchenkov, Е. N.; Shandarov, S. М.; Smirnov, S. V.; Esin, А. A.; Akhmatkhanov, A. R.; Shur, V. Ya.
2019Discrete switching during local polarization reversal in ion sliced lithium niobate thin filmsSlautin, B. N.; Turygin, A. P.; Zhu, H.; Shur, V. Ya.
2017Domain configuration, phase transition and local switching behavior in as-grown 0.67 Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.33 PbTiO3 single crystal revealed by Piezoresponse force microscopyShur, V. Ya.; Hu, Q.; Alikin, D. O.; Turygin, A. P.; Wei, X.
2018Domain creation by electron and ion beams in lithium tantalate crystalsVlasov, E. O.; Chezganov, D. S.; Gimadeeva, L. V.; Chuvakova, M. A.; Zelenovskiy, P. S.; Shur, V. Ya.
2018Domain formation by ion beam in lithium niobate crystal with suppression of surface charging by electron and UV-flood gunsMaslyanaya, K. V.; Chezganov, D. S.; Vlasov, E. O.; Kuznetsov, D. K.; Greshnyakov, E. D.; Shur, V. Ya.
2018Domain kinetics during polarization reversal in 36o Y-cut CLNNeradovskaia, E. A.; Neradovskiy, M. M.; Esin, A. S.; Chuvakova, M. A.; Baldi, P.; De Micheli, M. P.; Akhmatkhanov, A. R.; Shur, V. Ya.