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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Anisotropic conduction in the myocardium due to fibrosis: the effect of texture on wave propagationNezlobinsky, T.; Solovyova, O.; Panfilov, A. V.
2020An audit of uncertainty in multi-scale cardiac electrophysiology modelsClayton, R. H.; Aboelkassem, Y.; Cantwell, C. D.; Corrado, C.; Delhaas, T.; Huberts, W.; Lei, C. L.; Ni, H.; Panfilov, A. V.; Roney, C.; Dos, Santos, R. W.
2020Considering discrepancy when calibrating a mechanistic electrophysiology modelLei, C. L.; Ghosh, S.; Whittaker, D. G.; Aboelkassem, Y.; Beattie, K. A.; Cantwell, C. D.; Delhaas, T.; Houston, C.; Novaes, G. M.; Panfilov, A. V.; Pathmanathan, P.; Riabiz, M.; Dos, Santos, R. W.; Walmsley, J.; Worden, K.; Mirams, G. R.; Wilkinson, R. D.
2020Creation and application of virtual patient cohorts of heart modelsNiederer, S. A.; Aboelkassem, Y.; Cantwell, C. D.; Corrado, C.; Coveney, S.; Cherry, E. M.; Delhaas, T.; Fenton, F. H.; Panfilov, A. V.; Pathmanathan, P.; Plank, G.; Riabiz, M.; Roney, C. H.; Dos, Santos, R. W.; Wang, L.
2021Cx43 hemichannel microdomain signaling at the intercalated disc enhances cardiac excitabilityde, Smet, M. A. J.; Lissoni, A.; Nezlobinsky, T.; Wang, N.; Dries, E.; Pérez-Hernández, M.; Lin, X.; Amoni, M.; Vervliet, T.; Witschas, K.; Rothenberg, E.; Bultynck, G.; Schulz, R.; Panfilov, A. V.; Delmar, M.; Sipido, K. R.; Leybaert, L.
2021Directed graph mapping exceeds phase mapping in discriminating true and false rotors detected with a basket catheter in a complex in-silico excitation patternVan, Nieuwenhuyse, E.; Martinez-Mateu, L.; Saiz, J.; Panfilov, A. V.; Vandersickel, N.
2019Directed Networks as a Novel Way to Describe and Analyze Cardiac Excitation: Directed Graph MappingVandersickel, N.; Van, Nieuwenhuyse, E.; Van, Cleemput, N.; Goedgebeur, J.; El, Haddad, M.; De, Neve, J.; Demolder, A.; Strisciuglio, T.; Duytschaever, M.; Panfilov, A. V.
2020Drift of scrollwaves in a mathematical model of a heterogeneous human heart left ventriclePravdin, S.; Konovalov, P.; Dierckx, H.; Solovyova, O.; Panfilov, A. V.
2018Dynamical anchoring of distant arrhythmia sources by fibrotic regions via restructuring of the activation patternVandersickel, N.; Watanabe, M.; Tao, Q.; Fostier, J.; Zeppenfeld, K.; Panfilov, A. V.
2021Electrophysiological Characterization of Human Atria: The understated Role of TemperatureMajumder, R.; Mohamed Nazer, A. N.; Panfilov, A. V.; Bodenschatz, E.; Wang, Y.
2016Erratum to: Scroll wave dynamics in a model of the heterogeneous heart (JETP Letters, (2016), 104, 2, (130-134), 10.1134/S0021364016140034)Konovalov, P. V.; Pravdin, S. F.; Solovyova, O. E.; Panfilov, A. V.
2021Evaluation of Directed Graph-Mapping in Complex Atrial TachycardiasVan Nieuwenhuyse, E.; Strisciuglio, T.; Lorenzo, G.; El Haddad, M.; Goedgebeur, J.; Van Cleemput, N.; Ley, C.; Panfilov, A. V.; de Pooter, J.; Vandekerckhove, Y.; Tavernier, R.; Duytschaever, M.; Knecht, S.; Vandersickel, N.
2021Finding Type and Location of the Source of Cardiac Arrhythmias from the Averaged Flow Velocity Field Using the Determinant-trace MethodLi, Q. -H.; Van Nieuwenhuyse, E.; Xia, Y. -X.; Pan, J. -T.; Duytschaever, M.; Knecht, S.; Vandersickel, N.; Zhou, C.; Panfilov, A. V.; Zhang, H.
2020Gap19, a Cx43 hemichannel inhibitor, acts as a gating modifier that decreases main state opening while increasing substate gatingLissoni, A.; Wang, N.; Nezlobinskii, T.; De Smet, M.; Panfilov, A. V.; Vandersickel, N.; Leybaert, L.; Witschas, K.
2021High-frequency pacing of scroll waves in a three-dimensional slab model of cardiac tissuePravdin, S. F.; Nezlobinsky, T. V.; Panfilov, A. V.; Dierckx, H.
2018The impact of cardiac tissue anisotropy on spiral wave superseding: A simulation study using ionic cell modelsEpanchintsev, T. I.; Pravdin, S. F.; Panfilov, A. V.
2020In silico optical control of pinned electrical vortices in an excitable biological mediumMajumder, R.; Zykov, V. S.; Panfilov, A. V.
2020Induced Drift of Scroll Waves in the Aliev-Panfilov Model and in an Axisymmetric Heart Left VentriclePravdin, S. F.; Epanchintsev, T. I.; Nezlobinskii, T. V.; Panfilov, A. V.
2019(INVITED) Reaction–diffusion waves in cardiovascular diseasesPanfilov, A. V.; Dierckx, H.; Volpert, V.
2013Mathematical model of the anatomy and fibre orientation field of the left ventricle of the heartPravdin, S. F.; Berdyshev, V. I.; Panfilov, A. V.; Katsnelson, L. B.; Solovyova, O.; Markhasin, V. S.