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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analytical and experimental assessment of ultimate tensile strength of a hardened layer on a material surfaceSavrai, R. A.; Makarov, A. V.
2019Behavior of a welded-deposited stainless steel tested at different cavitation test conditionsAlwan, H. L.; Korobov, Yu. S.; Soboleva, N. N.; Lezhnin, N. V.; Makarov, A. V.; Deviatiarov, M. S.; Elkind, D. M.
2018Eddy-current testing of fatigue degradation in additionally heat-treated gas powder laser clad NiCrBSi coating under contact fatigue loadingSavrai, R. A.; Makarov, A. V.; Gorkunov, E. S.; Soboleva, N. N.; Kogan, K. L.; Malygina, Y. L.; Osintseva, A. L.
2017Eddy-current testing of fatigue degradation upon contact fatigue loading of gas powder laser clad NiCrBSi-Cr 3 C 2 composite coatingSavrai, R. A.; Makarov, A. V.; Gorkunov, E. S.; Soboleva, N. N.; Kogan, L. K.; Malygina, I. Y.; Osintseva, A. L.; Davydova, N. A.
2018Effect of frictional treatment on the microstructure and surface properties of low-carbon steelSavrai, R. A.; Davydova, N. A.; Makarov, A. V.; Malygina, Y. T.
2017Effect of preliminary nanostructuring frictional treatment on the efficiency of nitriding of metastable austenitic steel in electron beam plasmaMakarov, A. V.; Samoylova, G. V.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Mamaev, A. S.; Osintseva, A. L.; Kurennykh, T. E.; Savrai, R. A.
2016Effect of the technological conditions of frictional treatment on the structure, phase composition and hardening of metastable austenitic steelMakarov, A. V.; Skorynina, P. A.; Yurovskikh, A. S.; Osintseva, A. L.
2019The effect of ultrasonic impact-frictional treatment on the surface roughness and hardening of 09Mn2Si constructional steelLezhnin, N. V.; Makarov, A. V.; Luchko, S. N.
2013Finite element simulation of nanostructuring burnishingKuznetsov, V. P.; Smolin, I. Y.; Dmitriev, A. I.; Konovalov, D. A.; Makarov, A. V.; Kiryakov, A. E.; Yurovskikh, A. S.
2012Improvement of wear resistance of quenched structural steel by nanostructuring frictional treatmentMakarov, A. V.; Pozdejeva, N. A.; Savrai, R. A.; Yurovskikh, A. S.; Malygina, I. Yu.
2018Improving the scratch test properties of plasma-nitrided stainless austenitic steel by preliminary nanostructuring frictional treatmentLezhnin, N. V.; Makarov, A. V.; Gavrilov, N. V.; Osintseva, A. L.; Savrai, R. A.
2018Increasing the micromechanical and tribological characteristics of an austenitic steel by surface deformation processingSkorynina, P. A.; Makarov, A. V.; Volkova, E. G.; Osintseva, A. L.
2018Increasing the resistance of a NiCrBSi coating to heat wear by means of combined laser heat treatmentMakarov, A. V.; Soboleva, N. N.; Gibzun, M. S.; Malygina, Y. I.; Korobov, Y. S.
2013The influence of a combined strain-heat treatment on the features of electromagnetic testing of fatigue degradation of quenched constructional steelMakarov, A. V.; Gorkunov, E. S.; Savrai, R. A.; Kogan, L. K.; Yurovskikh, A. S.; Kolobylin, Y. M.; Malygina, I. Y.; Davydova, N. A.
2018Nanostructuring and surface hardening of structural steels by ultrasonic impact-frictional treatmentMakarov, A. V.; Savrai, R. A.; Malygina, Y. I.; Volkova, E. G.; Burov, S. V.
2018NiCrBSi coating obtained by laser cladding and subsequent deformation processingSoboleva, N. N.; Makarov, A. V.; Malygina, I. Yu
2012The peculiarities of magnetic and eddy-current testing of quenched structural steel hardened by nanostructuring frictional treatmentMakarov, A. V.; Gorkunov, E. S.; Savrai, R. A.; Kolobylin, Yu. M.; Kogan, L. Kh.; Yurovskikh, A. S.; Pozdejeva, N. A.; Malygina, I. Yu.
2017Properties of arc-sprayed coatings from Fe-based cored wires for high-temperature applicationsKorobov, Y. S.; Nevezhin, S. V.; Filippov, M. A.; Makarov, A. V.; Malygina, I. Y.; Fantozzi, D.; Milanti, A.; Koivuluoto, H.; Vuoristo, P.
2012Structure and mechanical and corrosion properties of new high-nitrogen Cr-Mn steels containing molybdenumBerezovskaya, V. V.; Savrai, R. A.; Merkushkin, E. A.; Makarov, A. V.
2017Thermal stability of a laser-clad NiCrBSi coating hardened by frictional finishingMakarov, A. V.; Soboleva, N. N.; Malygina, I. Y.