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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Amaranthus Biochar-Based Microbial Cell Composites for Alleviation of Drought and Cadmium Stress: A Novel Bioremediation ApproachTripti; Kumar, A.; Maleva, M.; Borisova, G.; Rajkumar, M.
2023Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Dairy Products and Biosensors in Drying ProductsHosseinvand, A.; Rabi, M. N. F.; Haidari, A.; Kumar, A.; Amruddin, M.
2021Bioaugmentation with copper tolerant endophyte Pseudomonas lurida strain EOO26 for improved plant growth and copper phytoremediation by Helianthus annuusKumar, A.; Tripti; Voropaeva, O.; Maleva, M.; Panikovskaya, K.; Borisova, G.; Rajkumar, M.; Bruno, L. B.
2022Biofertilizer Based on Biochar and Metal-Tolerant Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Alleviates Copper Impact on Morphophysiological Traits in Brassica napus L.Kumar, A.; Borisova, G.; Maleva, M.; Tripti; Shiryaev, G.; Tugbaeva, A.; Sobenin, A.; Kiseleva, I.
2023Central composite design application in the optimization of the effect of pumice stone on lightweight concrete properties using RSMAli, M.; Kumar, A.; Yvaz, A.; Salah, B.
2021Changes in soil properties and carbon fluxes following afforestation and agriculture in tropical forestAhirwal, J.; Kumari, S.; Singh, A. K.; Kumar, A.; Maiti, S. K.
2022Comparative Analysis for a Solar Tracking Mechanism of Solar PV in Five Different Climatic Locations in South Indian States: A Techno-Economic FeasibilityPraveenkumar, S.; Gulakhmadov, A.; Kumar, A.; Safaraliev, M.; Chen, X.
2020A comparative study of Epipactis atrorubens in two different forest communities of the Middle Urals, RussiaFilimonova, E.; Lukina, N.; Glazyrina, M.; Borisova, G.; Tripti; Kumar, A.; Maleva, M.
2016Comparative study on bioaccumulation and translocation of metals in Bermuda grass (Cynodon Dactylon) naturally growing on fly ash lagoon and topsoilMaiti, S. K.; Kumar, A.; Ahirwal, J.; Das, R.
2023Critical review on advancements on the fiber-reinforced composites: Role of fiber/matrix modification on the performance of the fibrous compositesSharma, H.; Kumar, A.; Rana, S.; Sahoo, N. G.; Jamil, M.; Kumar, R.; Sharma, S.; Li, C.; Kumar, A.; Eldin, S. M.; Abbas, M.
2020Effect of biochar on the growth of Ricinus communis grown on copper smelter waste: A pot scale studyTripti; Kumar, A.; Maleva, M.; Borisova, G.; Kiseleva, I.; Rajkumar, M.
2020Effect of fast-growing trees on soil properties and carbon storage in an afforested coal mine land (India)Ahirwal, J.; Kumar, A.; Maiti, S. K.
2023Effect of nano-TiO2 particles addition on dissimilar AA2024 and AA2014 based composite developed by friction stir process techniqueDwivedi, S. P.; Sharma, S.; Li, C.; Zhang, Y.; Kumar, A.; Singh, R.; Eldin, S. M.; Abbas, M.
2023Effect of Pulsation in Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Titanium Alloy-Annealed Welded Joints at Different TemperaturesKumar, U.; Chattopadhyaya, S.; Das, A. K.; Seikh, A. H.; Sharma, S.; Dwivedi, S. P.; Nagai, K.; Kumar, A.; Agrawal, A.; Singh, S.
2023Enhancement in wear-resistance of 30MNCRB5 boron steel-substrate using HVOF thermal sprayed WC–10%Co–4%Cr coatings: a comprehensive research on microstructural, tribological, and morphological analysisKumar, R.; Sharma, S.; Singh, J. P.; Gulati, P.; Singh, G.; Dwivedi, S. P.; Li, C.; Kumar, A.; Tag-Eldin, E. M.; Abbas, M.
2023Experimental analysis and optimization of abrasive waterjet deep hole drilling process parameters for SS AISI 316LChandar, J, B.; Lenin, N.; Kumar, S.; Gupta, N. K.; Karthick, A.; Suriyan, R.; Panchal, H.; Kumar, A.; Patel, A.; Sadasivuni, K. K.
2023Experimental investigations of electrodeposited Zn-Ni, Zn-Co, and Ni-Cr-Co-based novel coatings on AA7075 substrate to ameliorate the mechanical, abrasion, morphological, and corrosion properties for automotive applicationsSundaramali, G.; Aiyasamy, J. P.; Karthikeyan, S.; Kandavel, T. K.; Arulmurugan, B.; Rajkumar, S.; Sharma, S.; Li, C.; Dwivedi, S. P.; Kumar, A.; Singh, R.; Eldin, S. M.
2023Exploring the mechanical, tribological, and morphological characteristics of areca fiber epoxy composites reinforced with various fillers for multifaceted applicationsMiniappan, P. K.; Marimuthu, S.; Dharani, Kumar, S.; Sharma, S.; Kumar, A.; Salah, B.; Ullah, S. S.
2023Fabrication and characterization of weld attributes in hot gas welding of alkali treated hybrid flax fiber and pine cone fibers reinforced poly-lactic acid (PLA) based biodegradable polymer composites: studies on mechanical and morphological propertiesBanerjee, A.; Jha, K.; Petru, M.; Kumar, R.; Sharma, S.; Saini, M. S.; Mohammed, K. A.; Kumar, A.; Abbas, M.; Tag-Eldin, E. M.
2023Fabrication and characterizations of glass fiber-reinforced functional leaf spring composites with or without microcapsule-based dicyclopentadiene as self-healing agent for automobile industrial applications: comparative analysisKumar, R.; Sharma, S.; Gulati, P.; Singh, J. P.; Jha, K.; Li, C.; Kumar, A.; Eldin, S. M.; Abbas, M.