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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Analysis of the Radiological, Mineralogical and Long-Term Sustainability of Several Commercial Aswan Granites Used as Building MaterialsZakaly, H. M. H.; Awad, H. A.; Moghazy, N. M.; Tekin, H. O.; Rabie, A.; Fawzy, M. M.; El-Tohamy, A. M.; Ene, A.; Issa, S. A. M.
2022Binary contributions of Dy3+ ions on the mechanical and radiation resistance properties of oxyfluoroborotellurite Dyx-glassesRammah, Y. S.; Issa, S. A. M.; Tekin, H. O.; Badawi, A.; Ene, A.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2022Calculation of NaI(Tl) detector efficiency using 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K radioisotopes: Three-phase Monte Carlo simulation studyTekin, H. O.; Almisned, G.; Issa, S. A. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Kilic, G.; Ene, A.
2021A Closer Look on Nuclear Radiation Shielding Properties of Eu3+ Doped Heavy Metal Oxide Glasses: Impact of Al2O3/PbO SubstitutionAlmisned, G.; Tekin, H. O.; Ene, A.; Issa, S. A. M.; Kilic, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2022A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Attenuation Characteristics of Some Sliding Bearing Alloys under 0.015–15 MeV Gamma-Ray ExposureAlgethami, M.; Ibraheem, A. A.; Issa, S. A. M.; Tekin, H. O.; Ene, A.; Pyshkina, M.; Rashad, M.; Almisned, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2022A Detailed Investigation on Highly Dense CuZr Bulk Metallic Glasses for Shielding PurposesTekin, H. O.; Almisned, G.; Susoy, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Issa, S. A. M.; Kilic, G.; Rammah, Y. S.; Lakshminarayana, G.; Ene, A.
2022Diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes in nuclear medicine: Determination of gamma-ray transmission factors and safety competencies of high-dense and transparent glassy shieldsErdemir, R. U.; Kilic, G.; Sen Baykal, D.; Almisned, G.; Issa, S. A. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Ene, A.; Tekin, H. O.
2022Distribution of Radionuclides and Radiological Health Assessment in Seih-Sidri Area, Southwestern SinaiAlharshan, G. A.; Kamar, M. S.; Lasheen, E. S. R.; Ene, A.; Uosif, M. A. M.; Awad, H. A.; Issa, S. A. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2022Effect of Various Proportions of Rice Husk Powder on Swelling Soil from New Cairo City, EgyptSakr, M. A. H.; Omar, A. E.; Ene, A.; Hanfi, M. Y.
2021Enhancement of Gamma-Ray Shielding Properties in Cobalt-Doped Heavy Metal Borate Glasses: The Role of Lanthanum Oxide ReinforcementAlmisned, G.; Elshami, W.; Issa, S. A. M.; Susoy, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Algethami, M.; Rammah, Y. S.; Ene, A.; Al-Ghamdi, S. A.; Ibraheem, A. A.; Tekin, H. O.
2021Exploring the ftir, optical and nuclear radiation shielding properties of samarium-borate glass: A characterization through experimental and simulation methodsIssa, S. A. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Tekin, H. O.; Saudi, H. A.; Badawi, A.; Pyshkina, M.; Susoy, G.; Elazaka, A. I.; Ene, A.
2021Fast Neutron and Gamma‐ray Attenuation Properties of Some Hmo Tellurite‐Tungstate‐Antimonate Glasses: Impact of Sm3+ IonsAlmisned, G.; Tekin, H. O.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Issa, S. A. M.; Kilic, G.; Saudi, H. A.; Algethami, M.; Ene, A.
2021Gamma, Fast Neutron, Proton, and Alpha Shielding Properties of Borate Glasses: A Closer Look on Lead (II) Oxide and Bismuth (III) Oxide ReinforcementAlmisned, G.; Tekin, H. O.; Kavaz, E.; Bilal, G.; Issa, S. A. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Ene, A.
2022Gamma, Neutron, and Heavy Charged Ion Shielding Properties of Er3+-Doped and Sm3+-Doped Zinc Borate GlassesTekin, H. O.; Almisned, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Zamil, A.; Khoucheich, D.; Bilal, G.; Al-Sammarraie, L.; Issa, S. A. M.; Al-Buriahi, M. S.; Ene, A.
2021Gamma-Ray Protection Properties of Bismuth-Silicate Glasses Against Some Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes: A Comprehensive StudyAlmisned, G.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Issa, S. A. M.; Ene, A.; Kilic, G.; Bawazeer, O.; Almatar, A.; Shamsi, D.; Rabaa, E.; Sideig, Z.; Tekin, H. O.
2021Glass Fabrication Using Ceramic and Porcelain Recycled Waste and Lithium Niobate: Physical, Structural, Optical and Nuclear Radiation Attenuation PropertiesZakaly, H. M. H.; Saudi, H. A.; Tekin, H. O.; Rashad, M.; Issa, S. A. M.; Rammah, Y. S.; Elazaka, A. I.; Hessien, M. M.; Ene, A.
2022Hazards of Radioactive Mineralization Associated with Pegmatites Used as Decorative and Building MaterialEl Dabe, M. M.; Ismail, A. M.; Metwaly, M.; Taalab, S. A.; Hanfi, M. Y.; Ene, A.
2022Heavy metal oxide (HMO) glasses as an effective member of glass shield family: A comprehensive characterization on gamma ray shielding properties of various structuresTekin, H. O.; Susoy, G.; Issa, S. A. M.; Ene, A.; ALMisned, G.; Rammah, Y. S.; Ali, F. T.; Algethami, M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2022Hydrothermal Alteration Mapping Using Landsat 8 and ASTER Data and Geochemical Characteristics of Precambrian Rocks in the Egyptian Shield: A Case Study from Abu Ghalaga, Southeastern Desert, EgyptEl-Desoky, H. M.; Tende, A. W.; Abdel-Rahman, A. M.; Ene, A.; Awad, H. A.; Fahmy, W.; El-Awny, H.; Zakaly, H. M. H.
2021Impact of Eye and Breast Shielding on Organ Doses During Cervical Spine Radiography: Design and Validation of MIRD Computational PhantomElshami, W.; Tekin, H. O.; Issa, S. A. M.; Abuzaid, M. M.; Zakaly, H. M. H.; Issa, B.; Ene, A.