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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Anaerobic conversion of biomass upon disintegration in ultrasonic fields of low intensityShcheklein, S. E.; Chugunov, A. V.; Arbuzova, E. V.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2018Ecological and Economic Advantages of Remote Heat Supply from Reactor Plant of Advanced Safety BN-1200Tashlykov, O. L.; Klimova, V. A.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Popov, S. A.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2020Experimental investigation in improving thermal performance of passive heat removal system using mist assisted evaporative coolingAbed, A. H.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Pakhaluev, V. M.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2017Experimental investigation of hydrodynamics flow characteristics around a sphere using particle image velocimetry (PIV)Akram H. Abed; Shcheklein, S. E.; Nikitin, A. D.; Акрам Абед; Щеклеин, С. Е.; Никитин, А. Д.
2018Experimental study in reduction of two phase flow induced vibrationHossain, I.; Velkin, V. I.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2018Experimental study of high-speed gas-film flows in curvilinear channels with drop injection of liquidShcheklein, S. E.; Bochkareva, E. M.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2019Heat transfer intensification in emergency cooling heat exchanger of nuclear power plant using air-water mist flowAbed, A. H.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Pakhaluev, V. M.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2015Improving the energy efficiency of nppShcheklein, S. E.; Tashlykov, O. L.; Dubinin, A. M.; Щеклеин, С. Е.; Ташлыков, О. Л.; Дубинин, А. М.
2019Investigation of heat transfer coefficient of spherical element using infrared thermography (IR) and gas - Water droplets (mist) as working mediumAbed, A. H.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Pakhaluev, V. M.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2017Investigation of the effect of passive vortex inserts of different geometrical shapes on the vibrations reduction efficiency in pipelines with two-phase flowVelkin, V. I.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Ismail, H.; Nikitin, A.; Chikansev, G.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2016Methods for using computer training facilities in studies of special disciplinesTashlykov, O. L.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Titov, G. P.; Nosov, D. A.; Tuchkov, A. M.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2015Monitoring system of environmental stochastic characteristics and renewable energy units' efficiency in an extreme continental climateShcheklein, S. E.; Nemikhin, Iu. E.; Popov, A. I.; Jailany, A. T.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2015The optimization of radiation protection compositionTashlykov, O. L.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Luk'yanenko, V. Y.; Mikhajlova, A. F.; Russkikh, I. M.; Seleznyov, E. N.; Kozlov, A. V.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2018Project Development of an Underground Nuclear Power Plant on the Basis of the Integrated Ship Reactor, KN-3Hossain, I.; Asiptsov, Ya.; Velkin, V. I.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2017The prospects for nuclear energy of the Republic of Bangladesh in connection with the analysis of seismic hazardHossain, I.; Shcheklein, S. E.; Velkin, V. I.; Хоссейн, И.; Щеклеин, С. Е.; Велькин, В. И.
2014Prospects of the application of curable decontamination solutions in problems of impact improving of nuclear power plantsShcheklein, S. E.; Shastin, A. G.; Domanskaya, I. K.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2013Relevance of the interaction of high school and employers in developing their educational standard UrFUVelkin, V.; Scheklein, S.; Danilov, N.; Велькин, В. И.; Щеклеин, С. Е.; Данилов, Н. И.
2014Renewable energy-based plant remote monitoring complex using Wi-Fi channels and elements of artificial visionShcheklein, S. E.; Nemikhin, Y. E.; Nevyantsev, S. V.; Korzhavin, S. A.; Postovalov, A. O.; Nosov, D. A.; Zagafuranova, Y. Z.; Щеклеин, С. Е.
2017Solid wastes conversion into electric and thermal energy using a gasifier and an electrochemical generatorShcheklein, S. E.; Dubinin, A. M.; Щеклеин, С. Е.; Дубинин, А. М.
2018Stability of the film flow passing round the cross-section elements in the area of high density irrigationShcheklein, S. E.; Bochkareva, E. M.; Щеклеин, С. Е.