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Результаты 31231-31240 из 33089.
Найденные ресурсы:
Дата публикацииНазваниеАвторы
2013Extractants selection for hyphenated electrothermal atomic absorption methodAlemasova, A. S.; Alemasova, N. V.; Pupyshev, A. A.
2013Assessing the shape of the viscoplastic iron-ore zone in a blast furnaceOnorin, O. P.; Spirin, N. A.; Lavrov, V. V.; Kosachenko, I. E.; Rybolovlev, V. Y.
2013Electron paramagnetic resonance of Gd3+ ions in Ca1-x-yYxGdyF2+x+y crystalsVazhenin, V. A.; Potapov, A. P.; Fokin, A. V.; Artyomov, M. Y.
2013A possible spin-fluctuation mechanism in the emergence of superconductivity in a region of magnetic instability, using the example of PuCoGa5Povzner, A. A.; Volkov, A. G.; Kabirova, L. R.
2013Verification of mathematical model of development cooperation programs between natural monopoly and regional authoritiesVikharev, S.
2013Purely finitely additive measures as generalized elements in a maximin problemBaklanov, A.
2013Comparative vendor scoreVikharev, S.
2013Erratum to "Analytical characterization of some synthetic cannabinoids, derivatives of indole-3-carboxylic acid" [Forensic Sci. Int. 232 (2013) 1-10]Shevyrin, V.; Melkozerov, V.; Nevero, A.; Eltsov, O.; Shafran, Y.
2013Efficient synthesis of novel thieno[3,2-b]-, [2,3-c]- and [3,2-c]pyridones by Sonogashira coupling of bromothiophenes with terminal alkynes and subsequent intramolecular C-N bond-forming reactionIaroshenko, V. O.; Ali, S.; Babar, T. M.; Abbasi, M. S. A.; Sosnovskikh, V. Y.; Villinger, A.; Tolmachev, A.; Langer, P.
2013Magnetic fluctuations and effective magnetic moments in γ-iron due to electronic structure peculiaritiesIgoshev, P. A.; Efremov, A. V.; Poteryaev, A. I.; Katanin, A. A.; Anisimov, V. I.