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Title: Visual perception specifics of children with ASD as a determinant for educational environment outlinetimes
Authors: Bystrova, T.
Tokarskaya, L.
Vukovic, D. B.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Association for the Development of Science, Engineering and Education
Citation: Bystrova T. Visual perception specifics of children with ASD as a determinant for educational environment outlinetimes / T. Bystrova, L. Tokarskaya, D. B. Vukovic // International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering and Education. — 2017. — Vol. 5. — Iss. 1. — P. 75-84.
Abstract: The idea of inclusive education raises the question of security of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It is the imperative of the time to create teaching materials that promote the effective implementation of educational curriculum. However, we have to stress the fact that most of the evaluable nowadays teaching materials have been created spontaneously, without any reliable criteria. Our primary hypothesis is that children with ASD have specific features of visual perception that do not depend on the state of their intelligence, which is confirmed by empirical data obtained by the authors. Our secondary hypothesis, specified in the process of research, stipulates that children with ASD will differently perceive different graphic images executed in different styles. These findings are further confirmed by empirical data collected by the authors in the study of perception and understanding of different graphic images by children with ASD and mental retardation. On the basis of theoretical and empirical data we specified the criteria for graphic design products which play a pivotal role in the formation of school educational environment. In this respect we focus on the criteria for design materials (including design criteria provisions, formulated by Norman, which he addressed to practicing designers). © 2017 IJCRSEE. All Right Reserved.
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ISSN: 2334-847X
DOI: 10.5937/IJCRSEE1701075B
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