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Title: Критика гендерных стереотипов в женской викторианской литературе
Other Titles: Criticism of Victorian Gender Stereotypes in the Novels of E. C. Gaskell and G. Eliot
Authors: Ангеловская, М. В.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Издательство Уральского университета
Citation: Ангеловская М. В. Критика гендерных стереотипов в женской викторианской литературе / М. В. Ангеловская // Иностранные языки литературы: Тексты и контексты : сборник научных трудов. — Екатеринбург : Издательство Уральского университета, 2018. — Выпуск 4. — С. 9-19.
Abstract: This article examines the difference between methods of gender stereotype criticism in the novels of E. Gaskell (“Wives and Daughters”) and G. Eliot (“The Mill on the Floss”). The research is based on gender theory and the literary history of bildungsroman, or the coming-of-age novel, especially its female variation as presented in the aforementioned novels. The author conveys an in-depth analysis of plot structure and the specifics of appointed genre. It is done to determine the alternate ways in which Gaskell and Eliot develop the idea of female ‘bildung’ in the novels and present the criticism of gender stereotypes which hinder that ‘bildung’. As a result, it is postulated that the major difference in the handling of the “hero — society” conflict in the novels is the reason for the different critical views of Eliot and Gaskell towards gender stereotypes of the Victorian era.
ISBN: 978-5-7996-2429-3
Origin: Иностранные языки литературы: Тексты и контексты. 2018. Выпуск 4
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