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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Bismuth Molybdate-based Oxygen Ion Conductors: Synthesis and PropertiesMikhaylovskaya, Z. A.; Buyanova, E. S.; Petrova, S. A.
2018Electrical Properties of (1–x)La2Mo2O9-xLa2Mo3O12 (x = 0.15) Composite SystemPartin, G. S.; Kochetova, N. A.; Animitsa, I. E.
2018The Effect of Simultaneous Homo- and Heterogeneous Doping on Transport Properties of Ba2In2O5Tarasova, N. A.; Animitsa, I. E.; Galisheva, A. O.; Kochetova, N. A.; Baldina, L. I.; Ivanova, I. V.
2018Optically Active Defects Induced by 10 MeV Electron Beam in Transparent MgAl2O4 CeramicsKiryakov, A. N.; Zatsepin, A. F.; Shchapova, Yu. V.; Golyeva, E. V.; Pustovarov, V. A.
2018Influence of Solvent Additive 1,8-Octanedithiol on P3HT:PCBM Solar CellsWang, W. J.; Song, L.; Ren, X. H.; Fan, H. Q.; Moulin, J. F.; Muller-Buschbaum, P.
2018Porous Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets by Pre-polymerization for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution from Water Splitting under Solar LightFan, H. Q.; Wang, C.; Ren, X. H.; Wang, W. J.
2018Oxygen-conducting Composites Based on Me2(WO4)3 (Me = Sm, Al)Lopatin, D. A.; Vostrotina, E. L.; Otcheskih, D. D.; Pestereva, N. N.; Guseva, A. F.
2018Research on Energy Utilization in Recovery of CO2 from Boiler Flue GasLiu, N. R.; Niu, P. F.; Li, C. R.; Han, Y. M.; Shang, H. D.
2018Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Properties of NdNi 0.5 Mn 0.5 O 3−δ – A Possible Cathode Material for IT-SOFCsHossain, A.; Gilev, A. R.; Kiselev, E. A.; Cherepanov, V. A.
2018Study on the Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in the Tube Side of Spiral-Wound Heat ExchangerLi, S. L.; Cai, W. H.; Zhang, H. C.; Jiang, Y. Q.