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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Table of Contents (ASRTU Conference Proceedings)-
2016Forecasting Durability and Cyclic Strength of Aluminum Alloy AA2219 Using Fractal Analysis of Acoustic EmissionSysoev, O. E.; Kolykhalov, D. G.; Kuznetsоv, E. A.; Belykh, S. V.
2016Effect of Annealing on the Behavior of Oxygen Dissolved in Germanium and Optical Properties of Single CrystalsShimanskii, A. F.; Podkopaev, O. I.; Pavluk, T. O.; Kopytkova, S. A.; Gorodishcheva, A. N.; Filatov, R. A.
2016Benefits and Prospects of Laser Welding Application in VacuumLetyagin, I. Yu.; Trushnikov, D. N.; Belenkiy, V. Ya.
2016Physical and Mechanical Properties of Sea Ice in BendingKoshkin, S. V.; Taranukha, N. A.
2016Elastomagnetoresistive Properties of Films of 3d-Metalls AlloysBalymov, G.; Kudyukov, E. V.; Kulesh, N. A.; Lepalovskij, V. N.; Vas’kovskiy, V. O.
2016Influence of Carbon Fibers on Structure and Properties of PolytetrafluoroethyleneOkhlopkova, A. A.; Struchkova, T. S.; Vasilev, A. P.; Alekseev, A. G.; Nikiforov, L. A.
2016Influence of Magnetic Prehistory on the Exchange Bias in Fe20Ni80/FeMn/Fe20Ni80 FilmsKulikova, T. V.; Stepanova, E. A.; Vas’kovskiy, V. O.
2016Statistical Analysis of Spiral Dynamic Domains Spatial and Temporal Characteristics During Self-Organization Process in Iron Garnets Multidomain Magnetic FilmsAgafonov, L. Y.; Gerevenkov, P. I.; Mekhonoshin, D. S.; Pamyatnykh, L. A.
2016Strontium and Iron Substituted Lanthanum Nickelate as Cathode Material in Solid Oxide Fuel CellsGilev, A. R.; Kiselev, E. A.; Cherepanov, V. A.