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Title: Interaction of a copper oxide particle with copper in drawing
Authors: Loginov, Yu. N.
Demakov, S. L.
Illarionov, A. G.
Ivanova, M. A.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Interaction of a copper oxide particle with copper in drawing / Yu. N. Loginov, S. L. Demakov, A. G. Illarionov, M. A. Ivanova // Russian Metallurgy (Metally). — 2012. — Vol. 2012. — № 11. — P. 947-953.
Abstract: The forming of copper near a copper oxide particle is determined during multiple-pass drawing. The interaction of the copper oxide particle with copper is studied by the calculation of the state of stress in a finite element formulation and using scanning electron microscopy data. The results obtained demonstrate that pores appear around copper oxide particles when strain accumulates in multiple-pass drawing machines. The pore length increases with the accumulated strain, which can result in breaks of a wire in a highly cold-worked state. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.
DOI: 10.1134/S0036029512110109
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