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Title: Calculation of the compensation of a stamping tool after springback in the software package pam-stamp
Authors: Ershov, A. A.
Kotov, V. V.
Loginov, Yu. N.
Ершов, А. А.
Котов, В. В.
Логинов, Ю. Н.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Ershov A. A. Calculation of the compensation of a stamping tool after springback in the software package pam-stamp / A. A. Ershov, V. V. Kotov, Yu. N. Loginov // Metallurgist. — 2012. — Vol. 56. — № 7-8. — P. 477-481.
Abstract: Sheet-stamping processes include complex technological operations which ensure that the product has the requisite shape and prescribed set of properties. The multiplicity of factors makes it almost impossible to create exact design formulas for complex cases involving the bending and stamping of products. Accordingly, springback can be evaluated only by using the available empirical data and compensating for the tool on the basis of that evaluation. After this is done, it is necessary to create the rest of the equipment that takes part in the stamping operation: the clamp and the punch. This is accomplished by selecting the elements of the grid model of the die that define the regions of the clamp and the punch. The work of the preprocessor ends with the completion of the above task, and the computation that is performed to solve the problem is started. The computation process can be observed visually either by switching between the calculated steps or by viewing it in a special text window.
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ISSN: 0026-0894
DOI: 10.1007/s11015-012-9601-0
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