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Title: Methodological Approach to Measure the Quality of Life of the Region’s Population
Authors: Kozlova, O. A.
Gladkova, T. V.
Makarova, M. N.
Tukhtarova, E. Kh.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Уральский федеральный университет
Citation: Methodological Approach to Measure the Quality of Life of the Region’s Population / O. A. Kozlova, T. V. Gladkova, M. N. Makarova, E. Kh. Tukhtarova // R-Economy. — 2015. — Vol. 1, Iss. 2. — P. 280-290.
Abstract: The article is devoted to the urgent problem of the regional development, i.e. to the development of methodological tools to evaluate the quality of life of the population in the region. The article considers the concept of “quality of life”, and the terms related thereto; and substantiate the author’s position with respect to the concept. The existing domestic and foreign approaches to evaluate the quality of life of the population were analyzed, and the application of the comprehensive approach was reasoned within this study. The criteria for evaluation of the quality of life of the population were distinguished. The authors proposed the methodological approach that considers not only objective indicators of the quality of life presented in the statistical reports of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, but also employs subjective evaluations of the local population enabling more appropriate evaluation of the quality of life in the region. The methodological tools of the research include mathematical methods of statistical data processing and online survey of the population about the level of satisfaction with various aspects of their life. The methodological tools were tested using the example of the Sverdlovsk Region that is characterized both by the steady improvement of statistical indicators of the quality of life and by low satisfaction of population with certain aspects of the quality of life, which generally decreases the integrated indicator of the quality of life despite positive dynamics of social and economic development of the region and vigorous social policy of the regional authorities. The proposed methodology was used in the evaluation of the quality of life of the Sverdlovsk Region population as part of the development of the Concept of comprehensive regional program “New quality of life of Ural residents” (Decree of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region No. 45-UG dated January 29, 2014 “On the Concept of the life quality improvement for the Sverdlovsk Region population before 2030 year — “New quality of life of Ural residents”).
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DOI: 10.15826/recon.2015.2.011
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: The article has been prepared with the support of the grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) No. 15-06-09169 “Development of methodical measurement tools and evaluation of the impact of social, economic, medical and demographic factors on mortality rates of working-age population”.
Origin: R-Economy. 2015. Vol. 1. Iss. 2
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