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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Modelling of energy consumption in buildings: an assessment of static and dynamic modelsDe Rosa, M.; Bianco, V.; Scarpa, F.; Tagliafico, L. A.; Де Роса, М.; Бьянко, В.; Скарпа, Ф.; Тальяфико, Л. А.
2016Modern aspects and analysis of us age of ornament in architecture of KazakhstanOspanova, K. Kh.; Оспанова, К. Х.
2016Assessment of short-term vacation conditions in a small-size agglomerations' of KazakhstanAbilov, A. Zh.; Khojikov, A. V.; Yaskevich, V. V.; Абилов, А. Ж.; Ходжиков, А. В.; Яскевич, В. В.
2016A study on the mechanism of early-age concrete under curing conditionsKim, K.-D.; Akmalayev, K.; Zhakipbekov, Sh.; Sartayev, D.; Ким, К.-Д.; Акмалаев, К.; Жакипбеков, Ш.; Сартаев, Д.
2016The development of architectural ornament in Kazakhstan architecture of the late 19th — early 21st centuries (through the example of Almaty city)Priemets, O. N.; Приемец, О. Н.
2016Creative potential development of students during extracurricular activities at the faculty of architectural designGalushchak, M. S.; Галущак, М. С.
2016Workshop methods of sustainable public space designJelenski, T.; Зеленский, Т.
2016Facade composition of public and residential houses in Semey city (the second half of the 19th — early 20th centuries)Yespenbet, A. S.; Еспенбет, А. С.
2016Children’s pleasure and interest in game as a basis of approach to designing children playgroundsIbragimov, I. A.; Ибрагимов. И. А.
2016The study of the fiberglass fasteners in wall structuresBelyakov, V. A.; Salnikov, V. B.; Noskov, A. S.; Беляков, В. А.; Сальников, В. Б.; Носков, А. С.