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Title: Архидам и начало Пелопоннесской войны
Other Titles: Archidamus and the beginning of the Peloponnesian War
Authors: Гущин, В. Р.
Gushhin, V. R.
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Изд-во Гуманит. ун-та
Citation: Гущин В. Р. Архидам и начало Пелопоннесской войны / В. Р. Гущин // Исседон - ΙΣΣΕΔΩΝ: Альманах по древней истории и культуре. — Екатеринбург : Изд-во Гуманит. ун-та, 2002. — Т. 1. — С. 53-62.
Gushhin V. R. Archidamus and the beginning of the Peloponnesian War / V. R. Gushhin // Issedon - ΙΣΣΕΔΩΝ: Almanac of Ancient History and Culture. — Ekaterinburg: Liberal Arts University Press, 2002. — Vol. 1. — P. 53-62.
Abstract: It is well known that the Peloponnesian War began with the invasion of the Spartans and his allies into Attica under commandership of Spartan king Archidamus. That is why first period of the Peloponnesian war bears a name of this Spartan king. Thucydides portrays Archidamus as man of intelligence who understood seriousness of the coming conflict with Athens and correctly foresaw its difficulties. Archidamus, as Thucydides informs us, was not a fervent champion of war with Athens. In his speech on the eve of war he strongly advised to the Spartans to keep in with the Athenians. Sparta, he think, was not ready to war this moment. She had not the same financial resources and naval forces. Spartan traditional military tactics consist in devastation enemy’s territory and in pitched battle as well. In his speech Archidamus doubted in success of these methods. Thus, the war with Athens, he thought, menaced to be a long one. Nevertheless Sparta declared a war. Archidamus was appointed on commandership of the Peloponnesians. Thus, Spartans that were guilty of the beginning of the war. Being aware of it Archidamus tried his best to restore peace with Athens. His military actions was often qualified as mistakes or typically Spartan slowness. But thorough analysis demonstrates this actions were rather well-founded. Archidamus efforts would be more effective, but his opponent was Pericles.
Keywords: ИСТОРИЯ
Origin: Исседон - ΙΣΣΕΔΩΝ: Альманах по древней истории и культуре. 2002. Т. 1.
Issedon - ΙΣΣΕΔΩΝ: Almanac of Ancient History and Culture. 2002. Vol. 1.
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