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Международный журнал «Chimica Techno Acta» публикует оригинальные статьи, письма в редакцию, обзоры и мини-обзоры по химии и химической технологии на русском и английском языках. Журнал также публикует рецензии и аннотации на новые книги, краткую информацию о научных конференциях по химии, материалы, посвященные химикам-технологам. Представлен архив 2014-2019 гг.

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15-May-2019Sodium intercalation into α- and β-VOSO4Deriouche, W.; Anger, E.; Amdouni, N.; Pralong, V.
15-May-2019Phase equilibria in the Na,Ca//SO4,CO3,HCO3-H2O system at 0 °CSoliev, L.; Jumaev, M. T.
15-May-2019New opportunities for the synthesis of quinoxaline derivativesKoptyaeva, O. S.; Azev, Yu. A.; Shafran, Yu. M.; Pospelova, T. A.; Chupakhin, O. N.
15-May-2019Simulation of borosilicate glasses with non-constant force field molecular dynamicsRaskovalov, A. A.
15-May-2019Contents. Chimica Techno Acta. 2019. Vol. 6. № 1-
28-Jan-2019Sol-gel synthesis and crystal chemical properties of the pigment Zn1.9Cu0.1SiO4Samigullina, R. F.; Rotermel, M. V.; Ivanova, I. V.; Krasnenko, T. I.
28-Jan-2019Oxygen diffusion and surface exchange kinetics for the mixed-conducting oxide La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3–δPorotnikova, N. M.; Antonova, E. P.; Khodimchuk, A. V.; Tropin, E. S.; Farlenkov, A. S.; Ananyev, M. V.
28-Jan-2019Sheelite-related strontium molybdates: synthesis and characterizationMikhaylovskaya, Z. A.; Buyanova, E. S.; Petrova, S. A.; Nikitina, A. A.
28-Jan-2019Thermodynamic assessment of oxide system In2O3‑SnO2‑ZnOJantzen, T.; Hack, K.; Yazhenskikh, E.; Müller, M.
28-Jan-2019Crystal structure and properties of novel oxide Sm0.9Ca1.1Fe0.7Co0.3O4–δGalayda, A. P.; Volkova, N. E.; Dyagileva, A. I.; Gavrilova, L. Ya.; Cherepanov, V. A.; Battle, P. D.
28-Jan-2019[Introduction]. Chimica Techno Acta. 2018. Vol. 5. № 4-
28-Jan-2019Contents. Chimica Techno Acta. 2018. Vol. 5. № 4-
14-Nov-2018Hopping conductivity in a system with ZnS crystal lattice by non-constant force field molecular dynamicsRaskovalov, A. A.
14-Nov-2018Two mutually complementary synthetic approaches towards 3‑substituted 3,4‑disubstituted and 1-(2‑pyridyl)-substituted isoquinolinesNikonov, I. L.; Kopchuk, D. S.; Khasanov, A. F.; Krinochkin, A. P.; Starnovskaya, E. S.; Shtaiz, Ya. K.; Savchuk, M. I.; Tanya, O. S.; Zyryanov, G. V.; Rusinov, V. L.; Chupakhin, O. N.
14-Nov-2018Arsenate and Arsenite Reaction Kinetics with Ferric Hydroxides Using Quantum Chemical CalculationsGeorge, Cijin J.; Santra, S.; Zyryanov, G. V.; Kousik Giri
14-Nov-2018Synthesis, crystal structure and electrophysical properties of triple molybdates containing silver, gallium and divalent metalsKotova, I. Yu.; Savina, A. A.; Vandysheva, A. I.; Belov, D. A.; Stefanovich, S. Yu.
14-Nov-2018Phase relations in the Me2MoO4–In2(MoO4)3–Hf(MoO4)2 systems, where Me = Li, K, Tl, Rb, CsBazarova, J. G.; Tushinova, Yu. L.; Grossman, V. G.; Bazarova, Ts. T.; Bazarov, B. G.; Kurbatov, R. V.
14-Nov-2018Contents. Chimica Techno Acta. 2018. Vol. 5. № 3-
14-Sep-2018Oxygen content and defect structure of the perovskite La0.5Ba0.5CoO3–δMalyshkin, D. A.; Novikov, A. Yu.; Tsvetkov, D. S.
14-Sep-2018Thermodynamic database for multicomponent oxide systems. Preparation, Structure and Physicochemical Properties of La0.95Bi0.05Mn1–yCuyO3+δ (у = 0.1 – 0.4) and Composites with Bi2O3‑Based ElectrolytesKaimieva, O. S.; Danilova, V. V.; Buyanova, E. S.; Petrova, S. A.; Nikolaenko, I. V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 168