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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Active surface modification for iron nanopowders produced by wire electrical explosionSafronov, A. P.; Bagazeev, A. V.; Demina, T. M.; Petrov, A. V.; Beketov, I. V.
2012Activity of counterions in hydrogels based on poly(acrylic acid) and poly(methacrylic acid): Potentiometric measurementsSafronov, A. P.; Kamalov, I. A.; Shklyar, T. F.; Dinislamova, O. A.; Blyakhman, F. A.
2019The Contribution of Magnetic Nanoparticles to Ferrogel Biophysical PropertiesBlyakhman, F. A.; Makarova, E. B.; Fadeyev, F. A.; Lugovets, D. V.; Safronov, A. P.; Shabadrov, P. A.; Shklyar, T. F.; Melnikov, G. Y.; Orue, I.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.
2012Effect of the nature of a polymer matrix on the enthalpy of adhesion interactions in composites filled with nickel nanoparticlesPetrov, A. V.; Safronov, A. P.; Terziyan, T. V.; Beketov, I. V.
2018Electomagnetic absorption of composites based on epoxy resin and metallic iron nanoparticlesKrekhno, R. V.; Safronov, A. P.; Beketova, A. I.; Beketov, I. V.
2019Encapsulation of Ni nanoparticles with oxide shell in vapor condensationBeketov, I. V.; Safronov, A. P.; Medvedev, A. I.; Murzakaev, A. M.; Zhidkov, I. S.; Cholah, S. O.; Maximov, A. D.
2018Ferrogels based on commertial microparticles of magnetite or strontium ferriteLotfollahi, Z.; Mikhnevich, E. A.; Safronov, A. P.; Blyakhman, F. A.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.
2018Heterogeneity of population of microorganisms grown in presence of iron oxide maghemite nanoparticlesDenisova, T. P.; Simonova, E. V.; Kokorina, L. A.; Maximova, E. N.; Samatov, O. M.; Safronov, A. P.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.
2012Influence of Interfacial Adhesion and the Nonequilibrium Glassy Structure of a Polymer on the Enthalpy of Mixing of Polystyrene-Based Filled CompositesSafronov, A. P.; Istomina, A. S.; Terziyan, T. V.; Polyakova, Yu. I.; Beketov, I. V.
2012Inverse-gas chromatography and the thermodynamics of sorption in polymersBelov, N. A.; Safronov, A. P.; Yampolskii, Yu. P.
2012Iron oxide nanoparticles fabricated by electric explosion of wire: Focus on magnetic nanofluidsBeketov, I. V.; Safronov, A. P.; Medvedev, A. I.; Alonso, J.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.; Bhagat, S. M.
2018Magnetic properties and giant magnetoimpedance effect for CoFeMoSiB surface modified amorphous ribbons covered by water based ferrofluidLotfollahi, Z.; Amirabadizadeh, A.; Safronov, A. P.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.
2018Methodological aspects of small iron concentrations determination in black yeasts grown in the presence of iron oxide nanoparticlesMelnikov, G. Y.; Denisova, T. P.; Safronov, A. P.; Samatov, O. M.; Khandukhanov, R. T.; Kulesh, N. A.; Andrade, R.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.
2017Polyacrylamide ferrogels with embedded maghemite nanoparticles for biomedical engineeringBlyakhman, F. A.; Safronov, A. P.; Zubarev, A. Y.; Shklyar, T. F.; Makeyev, O. G.; Makarova, E. B.; Melekhin, V. V.; Larrañaga, A.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.
2013Preparation of alumina nanoparticle suspensions with narrow particle size distributionKalinina, E. G.; Efimov, A. A.; Safronov, A. P.; Ivanov, V. V.; Beketov, I. V.
2013Regularities of ultrasonography of suspensions of alumina nanoparticles in biological mediaShklyar, T. F.; D'yachkova, E. P.; Dinislamova, O. A.; Safronov, A. P.; Leiman, D. V.; Blyakhman, F. A.
2019Specific loss power measurements by calorimetric and thermal methods on γ-Fe 2 O 3 nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermiaCoïsson, M.; Barrera, G.; Appino, C.; Celegato, F.; Martino, L.; Safronov, A. P.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.; Tiberto, P.
2011Spherical magnetic nanoparticles fabricated by electric explosion of wireKurlyandskaya, G. V.; Bhagat, S. M.; Safronov, A. P.; Beketov, I. V.; Larrañaga, A.
2013Spherical magnetic nanoparticles fabricated by laser target evaporationSafronov, A. P.; Beketov, I. V.; Komogortsev, S. V.; Kurlyandskaya, G. V.; Medvedev, A. I.; Leiman, D. V.; Larranaga, A.; Bhagat, S. M.
2012Study of the Stability of Solid Polyoxometalate Mo72Fe30 with a Buckyball StructureOstroushko, A. A.; Tonkushina, M. O.; Safronov, A. P.; Korotaev, V. Yu.; Vazhenin, V. A.; Kolosov, V. Yu.; Martynova, N. A.; Kutyashev, I. B.; Bogdanov, S. G.; Pirogov, A. N.; Grzhegorzhevskii, K. B.; Prokof'eva, A. V.